YouTube announces ‘Covid misinformation policy’ in release of Tory MP’s speech

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Conservative MP Sir Christopher Chope has accused YouTube of engaging in “cultural destruction” after the video banned images of the MP delivering a speech at the House of Commons on under its Covid-19 misdemeanor policy.

A video of Chope giving a speech to move his private members’ bill regarding “Covid-19 vaccine damage” into the House of Representatives was uploaded to YouTube by a member of the crowd last year.

In the video, the MP for Christchurch said his bill “concerns tens of thousands whose harm done by corn is greater than justice”.

“The specific intent of this bill applies to the families of those who have died tragically and those who have suffered serious injury or life -altering conditions as a result of their work. space and confinement, ”Chope said.

It has been proven that scientific training is the best way to reduce the risk of death and serious illness from Covid-19. Those who were not treated were 14 times more likely to die from the disease than those who did the jab.

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The MP said Public technology sister notice PoliticsHome He was “very happy” to see that the images were removed in violation of the streaming platform’s community guidelines.

“A group is trying to close the controversy on a serious issue, which has had serious consequences and continues to have serious consequences for many thousands,” Chope said.

A YouTube statement said: “We can verify that the video in question was taken from YouTube in accordance with our Covid misrepresentation policy. Specifically, our policies prohibit information that discloses the content. death of Covid-19 cells.

From the early days of the epidemic YouTube introduced a series of guidelines to remove the “Covid-19 physical report”.

Among them were misconceptions about the care, prevention, disease, and transmission of the disease, as well as insults about vaccines.

YouTube says its policies are understood by the NHS and the World Health Organization.

Chope said PoliticsHome He complained about YouTube’s decision to release its content in the name of the attacker.

“It has really gone through a long grass because there is no safe way for anyone to get involved with YouTube and challenge the decision they take as it is against their policies,” the MP said. .

Chope said his experience with YouTube addresses a broader problem of “cultural destruction” in the UK.

“There’s a group of people in this enduring culture who think their opinions are too strong and they don’t have to accept other people’s opinions,” he said.

Chope also said he denied YouTube’s description of Commons as “misinformation.”

“I was telling the truth,” the MP said.

Based on this information with YouTube, Chope said he will now look to improve user experience of the “clunky” site, where the debates are debated in the House of Lords and maintained, so the public can easily. download videos that are considered inappropriate by the media.

The MP also said he was trying to “embarrass” YouTube by seeing its policies “against the basis of free speech”.

YouTube announces ‘Covid misinformation policy’ in release of Tory MP’s speech

Source link YouTube announces ‘Covid misinformation policy’ in release of Tory MP’s speech

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