You will need a bigger shirt

One day you will want to make a little extra effort to make your clothes look good and just right. There are days when I don’t mind and sweat Taki-dye. And one day it’s both: you want to look good, but you can’t care. In such cases, you need a large Really Big shirt.

There are two powers of a big shirt.

  1. As it is a shirt with buttons and a collar, it looks and is cohesive.
  2. its big. It grows in a comfortable, enveloping, room-to-breathing way. Box-shaped, momentary, great in the best compliment way. It’s big enough to be worn on anything, including chinos, shorts, T-shirts, and tank buns. Big in a tasty, purposeful way, it’s not like stealing a shirt from your dad’s closet since 1994 (but if it’s an available option, Do it).

The rise of the big shirt shows that the two radical cultural movements are in conflict. The continued fixation of fashion to everything big and loose shows no signs of slowing down. So focusing on slim-fitting hyper-tailored wear is no longer the only way to look sophisticated. (actually, Too It will look strange with the finely tailored hypertailored issue that Conor McGregor is working on this week. It probably has something to do with the fact that the dreams of the 90’s continue. Prosper 2021: The same nostalgic impulse that we gave us friend The reunion now brings us together and wonders, “Is Chandler really a little stylish?”

This recent obsession with the past and its laid-back silhouette have permeated the conscience of all designers for some time. And the armholes are too high and the chest is too tight and the hem is too short, and now it’s almost dead. Who wants a shirt that fits like a wrap when it’s damp, sticky and has a hangover? Accept the lack of hugs in big shirts.

There are several ways to join the Team Big Shirt. Whether you’re on standby like Brooks Brothers or from a new school outfit like Corridor, you can buy a regular shirt that’s a few sizes larger than usual. Or you can choose one of the deliberately flowing oversized numbers that everyone from Our Legacy to Gap currently knows. Here we have rounded up a dozen of the latter for the pleasure of your purchase. Choose poison and let the new big shirt do the rest.

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You will need a bigger shirt

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