Y’all-itics: Meet Texas Rep. Salman Bhojani

Congressman Salman Bhojani also made history by becoming the first South Asian to be elected to the Texas legislature

Tarrant County, Texas — State MP Salman Bojani I’m used to being “first”.

In 2018, he made history by becoming the first person of color to hold an elected office in the Fort Worth suburb of Euless.

Now, he has once again made history as one of the first two Muslims and South Asians elected to the Texas legislature.

and the current Democratic Party District 92, Tarrant Countyparticipated in the latest episode of Y’all itics Discuss what you want to achieve as a minority member of a minority party in a conservative nation.

“I am Muslim, but I have a lot more to do for the whole community, so I have a lot more in common. Those are the three things I want to work on, right? Continue to develop our economy to ensure access to care, so we have world-class schools.” “So we are the 9th largest economy in the world. If you can’t afford to enroll in a world-class school, who else can?”

Bojani is from Pakistan and immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was 19.

He became a naturalized citizen, earned a degree from UT-Dallas, and became a small business owner of several gas stations and convenience stores. Bojani eventually earned a law degree from his SMU and started his own law firm.

Bojani is on the verge of entering a bitter and divided state government.

Also, Congress has not always been friendly to Muslims.

In 2007, then-state senator Dan Patrick boycotted the first prayer by a Muslim clergyman in the Texas Senate. And since that moment, Republicans have said he is tolerant of all faiths.

Bojani has been on the job for several weeks and says he has yet to experience intolerance, negativity or outright racism.

“They are all really warm and caring people. Representatives from all states. I can’t tell anyone who has been really rude or mean to me, not even voters. I have had conversations with them.” Everyone was really cordial, so it was refreshing, I mean, I can’t say I expected it,” said the Democrat.

But it hasn’t always been that way, and it hasn’t been easy.

A congressman tells us that a gun was pulled while he was knocking on a door during his campaign. He says many other people told him to return to Pakistan.

That’s why he says it’s important to try to do things the right way.

It matters, he argues.

“I wanted to make a statement for the community and for so many young people within the Muslim community. A positive way,” he said.

Part of that plan includes relentless outreach.

Rep. Bojani’s own son helped the legislator formulate an elaborate plan to take selfies with all members and senators at the Texas State Capitol.

“I’m 141 and I think I’ve already been caught. Visiting bojhanifortexas.com says: all the selfies i took With each Congressman and Senator. So I have about 40 more,” the Democrat told Us. was at the Euless City Council.

Even the Quranic representative Bojani, who took the oath of office, is a historical figure. Listen to the full episode of Y’all-itics to find out why. cheers!

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