Without Trump’s support, Jake Ellzey pushes upset in the final vote of the TX-6 special election against Susan Wright

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In Texas, the most popular award for recent Republican candidates is the support of former President Donald Trump.

Jake Elsie doesn’t have it in the final vote of the special elections in the 6th Parliamentary District on Tuesday.

Still, the Waxahachie representative is fighting from behind. We hope voters will go beyond the support of former presidential opponent Susan Wright and reward him and his allies for claiming to be good candidates and campaigns. It’s a difficult bet, as Trump’s popularity among Texas Republicans remains high, but it’s made by Elsey, with a more positive message, a cast of his own loyal supporters, and It has significant financing benefits.


“I did nothing but congratulate her support,” Elsey said in a recent interview when asked about the challenge of confronting Trump-backed Republicans. However, Elsey quickly noticed a lineup of his own supporters, including former Governor Rick Perry and US Congressman Dan Crenshaw in Houston, adding: The end of the day. “

Elsie and Wright are vying to replace their late husband, R-Arlington, Congressman Ron Wright, in District 6 near the Republican Party in northern Texas. The Democrats wanted to qualify for the spill, but missed it slightly in a special election on May 1st, with a lower stakes overtime that forced one Republican to fight another.


The spill is still packed with drama. Club for Growth, a national anti-tax group, has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in spills attacking Elsey, characterizing him as liberal and avoiding direct criticism of Wright from Elsey and its allies. It elicited more and more severe counterarguments.

“Nothing is more annoying to me than the crap I see in the mailbox I’m talking to. [Ellzey]And if you want to win such a bad election, I don’t want you to be my member, “Perry said at a rally with Elsey and Clenshaw last week in Arlington.

“If you’re going to allow Club for Growth to put out the absolute trash you put out to Jake Elsie and don’t tell him to get up and stop it, that’s unacceptable. That’s what I need to know. It will tell you everything. About you, you are not the leader, “Perry added. “Susan Wright needs to stand up and say,’Club for Growth, cut it out. You’re lying about Jake Elsie.”


In the statement of the story, Club for Growth President David McIntosh remained with the group’s efforts in the spill. Susan Wright is a “true conservative,” saying, “Liberal Jake Elsie has a long record of not participating in the vote, and if he votes, he would vote too often for a tax increase with the Democratic Party.” Stated.

Wright’s campaign does not respond to Club for Growth’s offensive ads, but has expressed confidence that she is on the right track.

“With the support of President Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, numerous local election officials, dozens of constituency chairs, and hundreds of grassroots conservatives, Susan Wright is behind her. It has united the Republicans, “Wright’s strategist Matt Langston said in a statement. “We’ve been campaigning hard for the last few weeks,” said Wright.

Early voting for spills begins on Monday and ends on Friday.

As for the problem, there doesn’t seem to be much sunlight between Elsey and Wright. They both cite completing border walls, maintaining election integrity, and confronting law enforcement in their priorities.


After a career as a Navy fighter pilot and a short tenure at the Texas House, Elsey passed conservative priorities, including unauthorized carrying of pistols by Republicans. Wright uses his many years of experience in Texas GOP politics to work for members of the state legislature, serve as a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, and continue the legacy of his deceased husband as a solid and conservative member. We have carried out a campaign to do.

Duel approval provides a sharper contrast.

Trump’s support took place two days after the final day of the pre-deadline vote for the special election, and seems to have significantly boosted the election-day vote after Wright effectively tied Elsey in the pre-deadline vote. “We are working very hard, have already defeated the Democrats, and have a big lead in closing the Democrats on July 27, 2021,” Trump said in a statement on July 10. Stated. Trump issued a second statement on Wednesday again emphasizing support.


According to a poll from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at Austin last month, Trump’s favor among Texas Republicans was 86%. In the last election cycle, all but one of the Texas Republicans he supported in the parliamentary race won.

A few days after the spill, Wright also expressed opposition to Elsey in the first round, but gained the support of Cruz, who did not support the alternative. Most recently, Wright was approved on Tuesday by Jim Ross, the new mayor of Arlington, the largest population center in the parliamentary district.

Elsey’s biggest outflow was Nova’s parliamentarian and Navy veteran Clenshaw. Clenshaw broke the silence in a video in late June and said he “disliked” it, although he had no plans to be involved in the spill.[s] A fraudulent campaign as he said he was betting on Wright’s side. “


In an interview, Clenshaw was asked how much he valued Trump’s support for Wright and said, “I’ll definitely give you a pause.” However, Clenshaw downplayed the importance of overall support, stating that “it really is about the people of the race,” and praised Elsey’s experience in the military and in current Congress.

In any case, Mr. Clenshaw said, “I don’t think this is Trump’s passionate support for the spread of imagination.”

Clenshaw isn’t the only supporter of Elsey who appears to have been energized by the Club for Growth attack. Congressman Joe Burton, who took a seat in front of Ron Wright, supported Elsey on Monday, partially citing the group’s negative campaign against Elsey.

But the most obvious advantage of Elsey in the spill was economic.


In the latest Election Funding Report, which covers April 12-July 7, Elsey almost tripled Wright’s funding from $ 1.23 million to $ 454,000. He spent a lot of money to achieve hauling — mainly for digital financing of $ 1.15 million — but nevertheless entered the home stretch for a decisive cash on hand advantage of $ 485,000 to $ 164,000.

According to Federal Election Commission records, Club for Growth has easily led third-party spending by dropping more than $ 800,000 in races since the special elections on May 1. In all looks, the group abused Wright’s campaign as her main advertiser of the spill.

Ellzey was a beneficiary of more modest external spending, led by the Elect Principled Veterans Fund, a super PAC that popped up earlier this year to assist him in the May 1 special election. A recent submission to the Federal Election Commission revealed that the Political Action Commission is fully funded by the With Honor Fund, a national super PAC that supports veterans from both parties.


In particular, all third-party spending on behalf of Ellzey remains positive.

However, the Club for Growth activity has received the most attention in the spill. The mailer killed Elsey as an absentee ballot state councilor, tax increase advocate, and Democratic puppet — literally portraying him as a one-piece marionette.

The tax increase claim is related to voting on Elsey’s bill during regular sessions, extending the state car rental tax to a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that allows people to rent their car to others. .. The bill passed the House of Representatives in April with Republican support, but did not hold a committee hearing in the Senate.

Elsey supported the vote, arguing that “not a new tax” was a “loophole in an old closed tax.” According to its accounting notes, the bill introduced would have raised $ 61.1 million in state revenue over the next two years.


Mailer yokes Elsey to the Democratic Party, citing the fact that Stephen Daniel, a Democratic candidate for 2020, said he would vote for Elsey in the final vote.Daniel Said Two days after the May 1 election, Democrats “may be the deciding factor for this.” [runoff] And we need to do everything we can to ensure that Trump-approved Susan Wright loses. “

When asked if he would welcome the Democratic support in the final vote, Elsey claimed that he was campaigning as usual as a conservative interested in the division of the party and the country. I’m going to sue or sue. “

Elsey also faces scrutiny of his decision to run for Congress just months after sworn to the Texas House of Representatives. Paul Perry, commissioner of Ellis County’s hometown county in Ellis County, said he supported Ellis in a primary election against Ron Wright when he first ran for parliamentary seats in 2018. Supports Susan Wright. ambition. “


“What would he do in Congress if he jumped office without even serving a full term in Austin and had the opportunity to run for another office?” Paul Perry asked.

Ellis, who pointed out the support of other members of Ellis County, likes to remind people that when Cruz ran for president in 2016, he was only his first term in the U.S. Senate. Said that.

If voters support someone with their personality and principles, Elsey said, “That should be enough.”

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Without Trump’s support, Jake Ellzey pushes upset in the final vote of the TX-6 special election against Susan Wright

Source link Without Trump’s support, Jake Ellzey pushes upset in the final vote of the TX-6 special election against Susan Wright

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