Wilson plans to play 12 more years, winning 3-4 more Super Bowls.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Russell Wilson showed that mile smile and embraced the prospect of playing in the loaded AFC and in the shadows of John Elway and Peyton Manning.

“I want to win three or four more Super Bowls. That’s the plan, that’s the goal, that’s the mission, that’s the vision,” Wilson said Wednesday after the NFL signed the biggest hit exchange of the offseason.

“So let’s do it. Why not?” added the former Seahawks QB as he scanned the auditorium where Elway himself, now a consultant to CEO George Paton, was smiling in the back.

The deal reached last week sent the 33-year-old star quarterback from Seattle to the Rocky Mountains to look for a massive package of selections and players.

Wilson said he chose Manning’s brain to make a transition halfway through the race, over the schools in Denver and over the organization once it became clear that he would get his wish and move to Colorado for the second chapter, and wait, last , of its chapter. stellar race.


Although the trade could not materialize until the start of the league’s new year on Wednesday, Wilson and his wife, R&B singer-songwriter Ciara, have already visited sick children in Denver, as the couple used to do in Seattle.

Wilson said he plans to play 10 to 12 more seasons and end his career in Denver after a fruitful decade in Seattle, where the Seahawks made it clear in congratulatory posts on Twitter on Wednesday that Wilson was what he had. he asked for a break.

“Yeah, I didn’t start it,” Wilson replied. “It was definitely mutual.”

He also insisted that he does not harbor ill-will towards his former team.

“Hard feelings? No. I had an amazing 10 years,” Wilson said. “… And what I do know is that some of the best quarterbacks of all time, from Manning to Tom Brady, Drew Brees, have gone from place to place, guys I’ve always known and admired. So right now, I’m looking forward to it. to have the opportunity to continue to grow and learn. “


Wilson said he believes he is not even halfway through his NFL career because of his work ethic and his attention to health and nutrition. No game was lost until last year, when a fracture in his right middle finger left him sidelined for a month after he started his first 165 games, including 16 in the playoffs.

Wilson becomes the first QB to join the team he won in the Super Bowl, after beating the Broncos 43-8 after the 2013 season. Now he wants to follow Manning and Brady to win a Super Bowl with his second team.

“His best years are 30 to 40 more,” Wilson said. “You see Tom come back, Drew while he was playing, you know. So for me, I haven’t started yet.”

Wilson not only plays in the shadow of great quarterbacks in a crazy city for the QB, but he joins an AFC that is loaded with artists like Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. He is now also part of the West Rushmore Quarterbacks of the West AFC division which also features Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and Derek Carr.


“Well, first of all, why would you want it any other way?” Wilson said. “I want to compete at the highest level. So I think first of all we have to talk about John Elway, Peyton Manning.

He said he went to Manning Pass Camp as a high school student and met Manning in Denver on a visit before the Seahawks recruited him from Wisconsin in 2012, after he decided to leave baseball (once in the minor league system). Colorado Rockies). and focuses on football.

“So those kind of memories, it’s an honor, it’s a tradition, it’s a place of excellence,” Wilson said. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s all I know. “

And as for AFC West, Wilson said, “I want to play with the best. I’m not afraid of anything.”

Wilson has two years left on his contract to pay $ 24 million in 2022, though the Broncos could give him a new mega-offer before the start of the season, which could double his annual salary.


In Seattle, general manager John Schneider said it was clear to the Seahawks that it would be difficult to sign Wilson for an extension beyond his current contract which will expire after 2023.

“I don’t know if those were the exact words,” Schneider said, “but we had the impression that there would be no long-term extension.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he never wanted to lose Wilson, but “we’re amazed at how well he’s treated us.”

That deal includes first- and second-round picks this year and next along with QB Drew Lock, DE Shelby Harris and TE Noah Fant.

“It wasn’t a (sour) relationship. It was an opportunity,” Carroll said. “… He’s seen a lot of great players and great athletes do a lot of great things doing that move somewhere in his career, whether it’s the quarterbacks we know, what happens.

“I think it intrigued him, and so he made it available after a long discussion, a long time together and all that, that we’ve been eye to eye, okay, let’s go this way and see what happens.”



AP sports writer Tim Booth contributed.


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Wilson plans to play 12 more years, winning 3-4 more Super Bowls.

Source link Wilson plans to play 12 more years, winning 3-4 more Super Bowls.

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