Willie Mays turns 90-New York Times

In the process, he won his second MVP award at the age of 34 and was still one of the best players in the game at the age of 40. His .907 OPS was 225 points above the league average. The following year, in 1972, he led Mets in on-base percentage and finished third in the team in batting average. It was a return to New York, where Say Hey Kid had won, and if he retired, he would be remembered for years with his rugged invincibility after hitting a catcher and hitting a wall. Would have been.

However, Maze played for another year in 1973, was injured throughout the season, and played only 66 games. Mets reached the World Series, and Maze had barely played in six weeks, but in Auckland’s Game 2, he pinched in nine innings and was then sent to the center field. It was a cruel sunny day and the player staggered under the popup all day long (six errors were committed). In both 9 and 12 times, Maze lost the flyball in the sun, and doing so seemed terrible. He was despised because of his pitfalls.

Don’t worry that many great athletes, such as Babe Ruth and Aaron in baseball, Johnny Unitas in other sports, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jordan, are too long. Maze has become a warning story for all athletes who do not know when to quit, and for that matter, entertainers and politicians.

Maze is too proud to admit that this hurt him, but I’m sure it will. He does not claim to be the best player ever and is not interested in the discussion. He rejects the comparison with other players. He jokes that if statistics were known to be important, he would have paid attention to them. He is too stubborn to be an egoist.

What was important to him was that he helped the team win, entertained the fans and celebrated the game. In his mind, he did it by playing all the games as hard as he could.

Is Willie Mays 90 years old? of course. It’s a reminder that endurance on and off the field is his legacy, and that endurance is the disappearance of the glory of a particular era of American sports.

James S. Hirsch is the author of “Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend”.

Willie Mays turns 90-New York Times

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