Will the Patriots reach new heights behind the new look of Mac Jones?

There are rumors all around New British Patriots on the Monday when word broke that second year quarterback Mac Jones has emerged with a new look and sleek physique.

“His stomach is gone and he looks really good,” Patriots receiver Kendrick Bourne laughed after Monday’s organized team activity on the training ground behind Gillette Stadium. “He’s a real pro now.”

Jones, who is the 15th overall pick out from Alabama in the 2021 draft, said he made conditioning a priority in the offseason, even though he’s just gone through 3,801 yards and 22 touchdowns (with 13 interceptions), leading the Pats to 10 wins and a playoff berth. and has been selected to the Pro Bowl.

“I think every year you want to do a self-evaluation: How you feel through the game and body fat, all that stuff,” says Jones. “For me, just clean up my diet, and I’ve learned a lot more this off-season than I might ever have about nutrition, sleep, health, all that.”

The narrative in the best form of his life around Jones created excitement among Patriots fans, which is understandable given the franchise’s struggles to regain its footing following Tom Brady’s departure to Tampa Bay after the 2019 season.

Kevin Wildes, host of “First Things First” and a well-known Patriots fan, is one of them.

“He improved his body, his arms and his mind,” Wildes raved.

“First of all, her body. She’s missing her beautiful belly, the tiny one, what I would call baby fat, or maybe even a little baby GOAT fat. Second, her arms. Guess who we work out of season with? Tom House! … Tom House has worked with Tom Brady, so of course the Mac Jones arm will get better.”

House is a former MLB pitcher who has built a career as a biomechanic expert and throw/throw coach. House has worked extensively with Brady over the years, and Jones revealed Monday that he has worked with House as well.

“In the end, that’s his mind,” continued Wildes. “He’s got another year of experience under his belt.”

Wildes went on to argue that critics rated Jones harshly than any other quarterback in the 2021 draft class, including Trevor Lawrence (Jaguar’s No. 1 overall pick), Zach Wilson (No. 2, Jets), Trey Lance (No. 3, 49ers) and Justin Fields (No. 11, Bears).

“Why can’t Mac Jones get the same narrative we give for every other QB?” she says. “If you look at the preseason predictions for all the other second year QBs, you hear the same thing. Oh, Trevor Lawrence, one more year. Ooh Zach Wilson, one more year under his belt. Watch out for the Bears with Justin Fields, who another year Ooh Trey Lance, will they be any better because he throws 600 yards?

“What about the baby GOAT Pro Bowler? Oh, he’ll probably be the same.”

Wildes may have a point, though, as Jones did quite well compared to his fellow rookie QB last season.

Among the qualified rookies—Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, and Houston’s third-round Davis Mills—Jones ranked first in completion percentage (67.6%), passing yards (3,801), TD passes (22), passer ratings (92 ,5) and QB wins (10 ).

He also leads all eligible rookies in a pair of PFF Ranks: Offense (80.4) and Passing (79.0). Fields was second away in both categories, at 64.2 and 60.8 respectively.

Perhaps most importantly, Jones’ 67.6% finishing percentage is second-best by a rookie—only 67.8% behind Dak Prescott in 2016—and he’s the first Patriots rookie QB to start a postseason game.

So why all the skepticism surrounding Jones’ future?

Wildes co-host Nick Wright said it was simple: “The expectation with Mac Jones when he came into the league was that he was the most polished, he was the most pro-ready. So why didn’t he go higher? Because he has a ceiling. the lowest heavens.… Their concern is that what he puts out of Alabama is what he will become.”

Dan Wright takes his argument further, making the case that Jones is not up to par with the other QBs at his conference.

“I’d make a list of better AFC quarterbacks than Mac Jones. It’s too long,” Wright said. “What is the AFC quarterback that anyone with any level of confidence can say Mac Jones is better than? I came with two and a half. Old [Tagovailoa], Mitch Trubisky, and though it hurts me because I love this man’s neck, Davis Mills. … And I have my doubts about Mills.”

While the debate may rage around Jones and the Patriots this offseason, the real test will come on September 11, when the Patriots head to Miami to take on the Dolphins in Week 1.

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Will the Patriots reach new heights behind the new look of Mac Jones?

Source link Will the Patriots reach new heights behind the new look of Mac Jones?

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