Will Smith faced Chris Rock, then won an Oscar for Best Actor

When Will Smith took the stage at the Oscars and hit Chris Rock, the unpredictable moment served as a shocking break to the merry celebration of Hollywood.

But after Smith returned a few minutes later to receive his first Oscar, he made a tearful apology for an action that would surely overshadow his important achievement. He took the opportunity to talk about being a fierce defender during Sunday’s awards ceremony, just like his father’s tennis character, Richard Williams of King Richard.

Smith felt like a defender of many, including his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, after Rock joked about her appearance, which he did not like.

“Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family,” Smith said as he began his acceptance speech after winning the Best Actor award. He then apologized to many people – including tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, the daughters of Richard Williams – but did not mention Rock in his apology.


Smith then spoke of being a defender of those who worked with him on the film, such as Aunjanue Ellis along with Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton, the two actors who played Venus and Serena.

“In my life, I have been called to love people and protect people and be a river to my people,” Smith said during his acceptance speech after winning his first Oscar. “I know that in order to do what we do, you have to be able to endure abuse. You need to be able to make people talk crazy about you. In this business, you need to be able to have people who don’t respect you. And you have to smile and pretend it’s okay. “

The exchange began when Rock aimed at Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, saying, “Jada, I love you. “GI Jane 2, I can’t wait to see it, can’t I?” .


Pinkett Smith revealed in 2018 that she was diagnosed with alopecia. She has often discussed the challenges of hair loss on Instagram and other social media platforms.

The joke missed, bad.

Smith stepped onto the stage from his seat in the front row and swung his hand at Roca, causing a hard blow. Smith returned to his seat and shouted for Rock to leave Pinkett Smith alone. Rock replied that he was just joking with GI Jane, and Smith shouted at him a second time.

Smith shouted at Rock to “keep my wife’s name out of your (swearing) mouth,” and the crowd fell silent when it became clear that this was not an act.

The moment shocked the audience and the audience at Dolby Theater at home. During the commercial break, presenter Daniel Kaluya came to hug Smith, and Denzel Washington accompanied him to the stage. They talked and hugged, and Tyler Perry also came to talk.

Smith shared what Washington told him: “At the highest moment, be careful, because then the devil comes for you.


“I hope the Academy invites me back,” Will Smith said as he finished his speech on stage.

A Rock representative did not immediately respond to an email asking for comment.

Following the show, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued a statement saying it “does not approve of violence in any form”.

The Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement that it was aware of the incident.

“The incident involved slapping one another,” the statement said. “The person involved refused to report to the police. If the party concerned wishes a police report at a later date, the Los Angeles Police Department will be available to complete an investigation report. “

“It was the greatest night in the history of television,” Rock said before resuming his role as host.

A few minutes later, rapper Sean Combs – on stage to pay tribute to the Godfather – tried to play a peacemaker and offered Smith and Rock to settle their differences at the Oscar afterparty.


“Will and Chris, we will decide this as a family at the Golden Party,” Combs said.

The echo didn’t stop there. Several people turned to Smith and Pinkett Smith in the ensuing commercial breaks; Keith Urban hugged Smith during a break on the show, and Nicole Kidman also went to say a few words.

Behind the scenes, during interviews with the winners, the Rock Smith incident seemed like something few, if any, wanted to discuss.

“I’m not talking about that,” said Ahmir Questlove Thompson, director of Summer of Soul, which won an Oscar for Best Documentary.

The confrontation overshadowed Smith’s important achievement. He has previously been nominated twice for Best Actor, for his roles in “Ali” in 2002 and “The Pursuit of Happiness” in 2007. In these films, he portrays real-life characters: boxing legend Mohammed Ali and Chris Garner, a homeless salesman.


This time, Smith won against stiff competition, including Andrew Garfield, Javier Bardem, Benedict Cumberbatch and Denzel Washington – who won his first and only Academy Award for Best Actor in 2002 over Smith’s “Training Day.”

Pinkett Smith was also the subject of rock jokes when she hosted the Oscars in 2016. She did not attend the Oscars that year, saying her decision at the time stemmed from a lack of diversity among the nominees and how black artists were not right. presented.

“I think sometimes we have to remember that at some point everyone breaks,” said TV man Caramo Brown. “But I think these are two men who will really come together, understand and say, ‘Enough, enough, I’m sorry.’ … I have not been in such a situation. I never approve of violence or anything like that, but I can also understand that you are protecting those you love.


AP filmmaker Lindsay Bar contributed to this report.



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Will Smith faced Chris Rock, then won an Oscar for Best Actor

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