Will it return to normal? The NBA plans to start the ’21 -22 season in October

Miami – The NBA told the team Thursday that it will return to its normal schedule next season, the training camp will start in late September and the regular season will start on October 19.

The memo sent by the Associated Press to the team that obtained the copy does not specify when the 2021-22 regular season will end. This is because it has not yet been officially decided whether the play-in tournament will resume. .. If so, and if there are no signs of not doing so, the possible date for ending the regular season is April 10.

Returning to the regular schedule is not an unexpected development, and Adam Silver said the league’s intention (virus tolerance) in the past few months was to bring the league back to the regular calendar after a two-season schedule turmoil. I have mentioned it several times. For a pandemic.

But that leads to another quick turnaround for the team doing the NBA Finals this summer.


The latest possible date for Round 7 of this season’s title series is July 22nd. Next season’s training camp is scheduled to start on September 28th. This means that this season’s finalists could return to camp just 68 days after the end of the 2021 final.

Last season’s finalists, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat, had 51 days from the end of the 2020 final to the start of this season’s training camp. The game schedule for this season begins 72 days after the Lakers win the title in the restart bubble. At Walt Disney World.

And both the Lakers and Heat were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs this year. Only two of the last eight teams of last season returned to the second round of the 2021 postseason. Questions about tired teams have been a hot topic in the league throughout the season and will be so next season. This year’s playoffs.


“From the moment we entered the bubble to today, it’s exhausted,” said Lakers forward LeBron James after his team was eliminated. “It’s mentally, physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting …. Obviously every team has to deal with it. But we and Miami are obviously long distances in the bubble. It’s very exhausted as I ran and came back in a hurry this season. “

The play-in tournament (teams that finished between 7th and 10th place in each meeting play to determine which team will be the 7th and 8th seeds on the east and west sides of the bracket) has returned in the same way. If the NBA schedules it for this season, these games will be contested from April 12th to 15th, 2022.

The playoffs will begin on April 16th, the 2022 NBA Finals will begin on June 2nd, and Round 7 of the title series will end on June 19th.

The 2022 NBA Draft will be June 23, the team was informed in a memo.


As usual, teams play four rivals in their division and two each of the 15 teams in other meetings. Teams also play some teams only three times instead of four at the meeting, and those games are slotted in a five-year rotation. The league plans to use what was in the 2020-21 Matrix to determine these matches.

This Matrix was 72 games and was not used this season. The team played 14 other players 3 times in their own meeting and 15 opponents 2 times in other meetings.

It’s also unclear if things will really return to normal. There is no final decision as to whether the NBA’s only Canadian team, the Toronto Raptors, will be able to start again at home next season. The Raptors evacuated throughout the season and played 36 home games in Tampa, Florida.

If the Raptors can play at home, they may play in Toronto on November 1st. This is the 75th anniversary of the New York Knicks of the Toronto Huskies, the first game of the Basketball Association. The BAA was the predecessor of what has been called the NBA since 1949.


The league plans to celebrate its 75th anniversary from 2021 to 22 since at least 2018, and next season’s All-Star game will be held in Cleveland. Scheduled for February 20th.


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Will it return to normal? The NBA plans to start the ’21 -22 season in October

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