Will an iPhone in a speed-breaking car help me find “lost” AirTags?

Continuing my theme of leaving $ 30 worth in various places, I decided to answer the question of whether an iPhone in a car on the road could detect a “lost” AirTag. did.

The AirTag in question was never lost, hiding on the side of a semi-crowded road, on the sidewalkless side (here called pavement in the UK), with dozens of cars passing by an hour. ..

Do you get a ping that my nifty AirTag was detected by overtaking a car?

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I received my first ping around 9pm local time, about an hour after I enabled the tag and dropped it into my new (preferably temporary) home.

And the place was on the spot.

be moved.

But that was the last thing I heard from AirTag until the morning when I started receiving sporadic pings. Dozens of cars were passing by every hour, so the number seemed quite small to me.

Will you pick up your iPhone in the car, or will you pick up someone who has an iPhone on a jogging or biking?

To test my idea, I did something obvious-I passed the tag a few times. Sometimes AirTag looked at me. Sometimes it wasn’t. It worked well when I was below 20 mph (road limit is 40 mph), and I was more likely to be seen by the side of a tagged road, but sometimes it worked for me When cruising after 40:00.

When enough iPhones pass, you will eventually get a ping.

I tried the same with one of my tiles, but the only way it worked was when I passed by at a walking pace, even if the chance was less than 50:50. ..

I didn’t do anything faster than that.

Yes, an iPhone in a speed-violating car can pick up an AirTag on the side of the road and ping it there. There is no guarantee, but the more people you drive, the more chances you have. If you have pedestrians or cyclists, you are more likely to succeed.

So when you’re driving, you’ll stick-shift like Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious, and the one with AirTag will pop out of the window unknowingly. As long as others are driving past the place, it’s possible. , If the tag is near the road, the location ping will be displayed.

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For $ 29, this is an impressive technology.

Will an iPhone in a speed-breaking car help me find “lost” AirTags?

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