Wilco City Leader Turns Semiconductor Facility Green Light

Williamson County, Texas — South Korea-based company Samsung is considering bringing the latest $ 17 billion semiconductor facility to the region, allowing local government leaders to attract tech giants I’m doing everything I can. Williamson County is reportedly one of Samsung’s final choices, but a spokeswoman said a final decision has not yet been made.

What you need to know

  • Williamson County is one of the final choices for Samsung’s new semiconductor facility
  • Taylor City Council will vote for semiconductor enterprise zoning on Thursday
  • One community leader is concerned about the scale of tax incentives

However, one community leader is concerned about the magnitude of the tax incentives approved by the county leader. This saves Samsung over hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few years.

Rev. Miles Brandon of St. Julian’s at the Norwich Episcopal Church, which is part of the Central Texas Interface, says Samsung can fully fund their own expansion without tax cuts.

“The Central Texas Interface welcomes economic expansion and development. We believe it is good to encourage companies to enter our community of good jobs.” I added.

Still, he is concerned that Samsung’s growth will benefit only some, not everyone, in the community. Brandon is no wonder in public discourse, citing his belief as the reason he speaks out about this massive decision in the county.

“We have a responsibility to build a kingdom of God’s love and grace in the midst of us, so that we can bring benefits and blessings to all who share our lives. “I will.”

City leaders say Samsung’s view of Williamson County as a host of new semiconductors could bring tremendous growth to the area already hosting Dell in Round Rock. He says he is honored.

“Samson coming to Williamson County is the largest economic development project in Texas history and will be the largest economic development project in US history,” said Williamson County judge Bill Gravel. Told.

Gravell said he personally met with Samsung leaders at an existing semiconductor facility in northern Austin and believes the company will bring the same benefits to Williamson County.

“I saw Samsung being a great community neighbor. I followed this especially because it was Samsung. We like what they did in the community. They are for the community. I also like what I’m doing, “said Judge Gravell.

Rev. Brandon is not for sale yet. He fears that economic expansion will come at the expense of communities that may benefit from Samsung’s taxes. Samsung’s application for Chapter 313, especially for Rev. Brandon.

Chapter 313 is part of the Texas Tax Law that exempts Samsung from paying property taxes to local school districts in exchange for front-end fees. The school district, in this case the Taylor Independent School District, considers whether to accept or reject the application for Chapter 313 from the enterprise and has the final say. We contacted Taylor ISD officials about what factors to consider in making the final decision on the fate of the application in Chapter 313, but did not know the details.

“Our taxes on our school children [should] Go to the kids in our school, “Brandon said.

Gravel added that the recently approved incentive agreement officially demonstrates the county’s expectations of holding Samsung accountable, and that the county holds Samsung accountable for the prosperity of everyone in Williamson County. He said he would try. Mr Gravel said he would act as a key player in the talks between the county and Samsung, as specified in the city’s agreement.

“Samsung needed to measure up to a certain performance and set those steps and accountability elements there. But listen, we are very successful in other areas. I’ve seen, and I’m hoping they do it here, “said Gravel.

Brandon says growth is inevitable, but if Williamson County is chosen as the next site for semiconductors, authorities will keep the deal closed to make sure Samsung is a good neighbor. Wants.

“I think it is essential that the community of faith has a strong voice in the public square to ensure that the values ​​we hold are actually expressed in a large community. We are thinking, “Brandon said.

The Taylor City Council will vote for semiconductor enterprise zoning during a regular session scheduled for Thursday.

Wilco City Leader Turns Semiconductor Facility Green Light

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