Widow of Philadelphia police officer blames DA Larry Krasner’s progressive policies for her husband’s death

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The widow of a slain Philadelphia officer received a statement from mega-donor George Soros on Thursday after he defended far-right district attorneys and their policies, including Pennsylvania District Attorney Larry Krasner, whom she prosecuted for her husband’s murder.

Sgt. James O’Connor, a 23-year-old Army veteran, was killed in the line of duty while serving an arrest warrant on March 13, 2020. Prosecutors in the case described those who accused of being dangerous drug dealers with big rap sheets.

O’Connor’s widow, Terri, told Fox News on Friday that she believed her husband would be alive if not for DA Krasner’s controversial far-left bail policies, which allowed him to these gunmen return to the streets after arrest.


FILE: Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner speaks to the media after a press conference announcing Danielle Outlaw as the new Police Commissioner.
(Mark Makela/Getty Images)

“They have long criminal records for guns, shootings, murders. I could go on and on about it,” he said on “America Reports.” “They’ve gotten out of jail many times because of our district attorney and his leniency policies.

Terri joined other Philadelphians complicated crime problem He has been a vocal critic of Krasner’s far-left policies and called for his ouster. In June, a group of Pennsylvania state representatives opened impeachment proceedings against the liberal DA for leaving office.

“We have a DA who won’t charge people who shoplift if it’s under $1,000 and small businesses are closing because people can walk in, take what they want and they know nothing is going to happen to them,” he said. .

Terri told her story in response to an op-ed published this week by the Wall Street Journal, in which billionaire Soros praised the work of progressive district attorneys and dismissed the idea of their policies to blame for the rise in crime in the country.

PHILADELPHIA IS RELATED TO LARRY KRASNER, says father of slain teenager.

Soros tried to make the case that the “accusations of reform” he gave millions of “famous” and “proper.”

FILE - Billionaire philanthropist and entrepreneur George Soros

FILE – Billionaire philanthropist and entrepreneur George Soros
(Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

But Terri said her depression and others like it are proof that the current system “doesn’t work.”

“It doesn’t work. Who thinks this system of giving people second, third, fourth chances is going to work? Our city is not safe. It’s not safe for a long time,” he said. . “Young people are shot and killed every day. Because they are often released every time you see their arrest warrants. behind the bars where they should be. live.”

State charges have been filed against the men who took O’Connor’s life, along with federal charges that could include the death penalty.

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Terri said the federal action on the case gave her great hope that the men who killed her husband would be brought to justice.

“[As far as] Taking this job out of our district attorney’s hands… we already know he goes behind people’s backs and makes deals without telling anyone. I think somebody’s going to be on the street,” he said, adding, “I’m thankful they’re all in federal prison right now.”

Widow of Philadelphia police officer blames DA Larry Krasner’s progressive policies for her husband’s death

Source link Widow of Philadelphia police officer blames DA Larry Krasner’s progressive policies for her husband’s death

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