Why the Prison opposed Biden over his stay in Taiwan

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President Biden can’t understand – and that’s the problem.

He knows where he stands in Taiwan – and that’s the problem, at least as much as the people who do it.

Their position, of course, did not say what we heard him say – and led to the “walkback” process that has become commonplace on this tour.

Even if the interpretation is different, the White House said, it is important to note that there has been no change in policy.

There is a reason here, and I do not know why the president should continue.

Biden spoke at the COP26 climate summit.
(Fox News)

Biden was the chosen man. Policy is what he said. Why would he allow anonymous helpers to oppose him? If China takes up arms against Taiwan, it is up to the commander to decide immediately whether to respond.

There’s a bit of a turning point here, with hawkish Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Newt Gingrich praising Biden’s remarks and someone on the left saying he’s gone too far. Now there is a legitimate debate about whether the president should do a serious job and put us closer to the path to a military confrontation with Beijing.

But to dismiss Biden’s words as a “gaffe” is just lazy thinking.

The cause has become a mystery. Biden called Vladimir Putin a war criminal, and said he was giving away his personal opinion rather than demanding an international legal system. Biden said Putin should not be allowed to stay in power – an error we have found – and the White House walkback said the president had not called for a change of government. Shortly afterwards, Biden shared his personal experience.

One day in Japan, CBS’s Nancy Cordes asked: “You don’t want to get involved in Ukraine’s conflict with the military for obvious reasons.

“Yes,” said the president.

U.S. President Joe Biden, March 31, 2022.

U.S. President Joe Biden, March 31, 2022.
(REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo)

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After resting, and hoping to find more, he said: “You?”

“That’s the promise we made,” Biden said.

Of course, there is no specific requirement that the U.S. military be involved if China, fueled by Putin’s move to Ukraine, decides to decide what is considered a broken country. Past presidents have only vowed to provide Taiwanese with weapons to defend themselves.

What Biden is doing is breaking the mushy diplo-speak desired by the establishment of alternative policies, where our policy is one of “strategic ambiguity.” This is nothing new. He vowed twice before the president to defend Taiwan with an army.

So that’s what gives a strong defender: a correct “yes”, or does he allow Xi Jinping to choose the American response?

The rapid pace of the White House statement – “As the president said, our policy hasn’t changed” – does little to calm global anger.

Yesterday, Biden was seen again on board. Asked if he would send U.S. troops to defend Taiwan’s democracy, he said: “The policy hasn’t changed a bit.

Uh, not really.

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So, is this another kind of chess nine? Perhaps Biden and his lieutenants are playing a good cop-bad cop routine, where the government can continue to not change policy while the president continues to want to. hard work. It seems that when the judge tells the jury not to keep any part of the evidence inadmissible, the plaintiffs say with full knowledge that it is difficult not to hear.

If that was not the case, Biden would have to order the person who intended to speak for him to stop opposing him. It creates an aura of confusion.

President Joe Biden in a new file photo.

President Joe Biden in a new file photo.
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Donald Trump used to cut the policy game all the time. Sometimes it’s a problem (together with Kim Jong Un, we didn’t have anything), sometimes it’s a game (like buying Greenland).

But the story that was recorded in the newspaper, and later in the newspapers, was the thought -provoking help to prevent Trump from going rogue about his foreign policy knowledge.

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The Biden media story is even more generous. He was, after all, a past president of the Senate Joint Committee with eight years of international service as president under his belt. He is well versed in geopolitics and knows many of the world’s leaders.

If the same symptoms are not expected, those working for Biden should stop belittling his words.

Why the Prison opposed Biden over his stay in Taiwan

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