Why The Associated Press Nominated Katie Hobbs For Arizona Gubernatorial

The Associated Press reports the Arizona gubernatorial campaign Democrat Katie Hobbs On Monday, the latest poll release gave her the lead, with AP deciding she wouldn’t relinquish.

AP concluded: Republican Kari Lake Posting an ever-larger margin in ballot updates from Maricopa County, she didn’t get enough shares to overtake Hobbs and was using up the remaining votes.

voting was in progress for a few days from election tuesdayas authorities continued to tally large numbers of late-arriving votes.

As of Monday night, Arizona had 43,000 votes left, including more than 17,000 early ballots, according to Arizona officials.

Hobbes made headlines by defending the state’s campaign after Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Lake, a former television broadcaster, questioned the results of the election without evidence.

Some Republican activists in Arizona have argued that voters should deliberately wait until Election Day to post their ballots. Part of this push was based on the unsubstantiated theory that fraudsters could manipulate the voting system and rig the results for Democrats after confirming that the Republican vote was returned early. rice field.

Experts had warned that such a last-minute concentration of votes could cause delays.

Lake has made numerous media appearances, complaining that Maricopa’s election results are “slow” and without evidence, calling the state’s vote numbers “failed.” Maricopa’s Republican Election Chief Reprimands HerEither way, Lake claimed he was confident the outcome would be in his favour.

Hobbes urged patience while the count continued.

Aggregate Timeline

Almost all ballots in Arizona are mailed, but some voters cast their ballots in person at a vote center. Most Arizona counties do not count ballots in-house, instead having officials bring ballots to a central facility.

Early ballots in Arizona are counted as they arrive, so officials don’t have to wait until polls close on Election Day.

Arizona officials will compile and announce the total number of votes cast. The focus is on Maricopa, the state’s largest county with a total of 4.5 million residents, more than half of Arizona’s total population, and approximately 2.4 million registered voters.

But other big releases come from Arizona’s two most populous counties: Pima (home to Tucson) and Pinal (a large suburban area just south of the Phoenix metro).

Starting with the most recent information, here’s what’s happened so far:

Monday, November 14

— Maricopa: More than 71,000 votes in Maricopa County, released Monday, favored Lake over Hobbes, 57 percent to 43 percentage points.

—PIMA: A batch of 31,000 votes announced Monday by Pima County saw Hobbes Overlake split to 42 by 58 percentage points.

— Pinal: In a batch of about 19,000 votes from Pinal County, Lake trailed Hobbes by about 28 percent.

After Monday’s voting update, Hobbs led Lake by more than 20,000 votes overall.

Sunday, November 13

—MARICOPA: Nearly 97,000 votes Sunday night in Maricopa County trailed Lake by nearly 10%. About 94,000 votes remain for the tally in Maricopa.

—PIMA: On Sunday, Pima County cast nearly 12,000 votes, with Mr. Hobbes favoring Lake by a 3-2 margin.

— Pinal: A batch of 8,500 votes released Sunday from Pinal County favored Lake over Hobbes by about 10 percentage points.

Saturday, November 12

— Maricopa: On Saturday, Maricopa County officials announced a roundup of nearly 85,000 votes, just over half of Lake’s.

—PIMA: In a batch of nearly 20,000 votes released by Pima County on Saturday, Hobbes led Lake by about 30%.

Officials also said they have no plans to release Pima County’s polls on Sunday. Pinal County did not release total vote counts on Friday or Saturday.

Friday, November 11

—MARICOPA: Around 10pm ET Friday, Maricopa officials released another batch of 75,000 votes. provided enough information for the AP to determine that Democratic Senator Mark Kelly won re-election for Republican Blake Masters.

But it still wasn’t enough for AP to decide the winner of the gubernatorial race. Bach favored Hobbes by less than 10 percentage points over Lake.

—PIMA: Friday’s Pima County vote totaled nearly 25,000, nearly 2-1 in favor of Hobbes over Lake. Officials said there were only about 6,000 regular ballots left for verification on Saturday.

Thursday, November 11 10

— Maricopa: On Thursday, Maricopa County reported a total of 78,000 votes, 10 percentage points in favor of Hobbes.

—PIMA: Pima County announced a total vote load of about 32,000 on Thursday, favoring Hobbes by about 30 percentage points.

— Pinal: About 8,500 people supported the lake in Thursday’s poll in Pinal County, by a margin of about 10%.

Wednesday, November 9

— Maricopa: On Wednesday night, Maricopa County officials released the first total votes. This figure did not include her 275,000 early votes received on Election Day. Altogether, Maricopa officials said they processed a record number of these ballots – known as 290,000. “early late” That count is known to slow down aggregation.

Maricopa officials reported a total of 225,065 votes, supporting Lake by more than 30 percent.

—PIMA: Wednesday’s poll in Pima County totaled nearly 83,000, with Lake beating Hobbes by more than 20 percentage points.

— Pinal: Wednesday’s ballot release from Pinal County totaled about 75,000, supporting Lake by more than 20 percentage points.

Tuesday, November 8

— Maricopa: Nearly 837,000 votes came from Maricopa County on Election Day, favoring Hobbs over Lake by more than 10 points.

—PIMA: Pima County officials reported receiving about 190,000 votes, of which Hobbes had a two-to-one advantage over Lake.

— Pinal: Pinal County officials cast nearly 38,000 votes, which were split about evenly between Hobbes and Lake.


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