Why Should I Use Electronic Signatures to Sign PDF

Do you have the same concerns?

  1. Why should I go for electronic signatures and not for the traditional method?
  2. Since everyone is acquainted with the traditional method, why is there a need to get a new method?
  3. Are electronic signatures reliable?

Almost everyone is seen with such concerns. But wait, we have got you covered and come up with all the answers you need to diminish your problems. Read this article thoroughly, and you will get your answers.


CocoSign is the tool that will solve all the issues of manual signatures by replacing them with Electronic signatures since people are not familiar with electronic signatures and are somehow afraid to take a plunge into a new thing.

CocoSign has got everyone covered by providing a free trial. People can use the trial period for 14-days without paying a penny and get themselves familiar with the electronic signatures.

Why electronic Signatures?

Well, it is the biggest question raised whenever there is talk about electronic signatures.

Electronic signatures are far more protective, safe, and reliable than ordinary manual signatures. The manual signatures come along with many issues.

Number one of which is the forged issue. Anyone can forge the signatures easily. Also, you have to wait to receive the documents just to sign them up, but with electronic signatures, you can get your documents online and sign them within seconds.

Electronic Signature to sign PDF

The most convenient method to sign a PDF is by electronic signatures. The user can even get the document signed simultaneously by sharing the document with several people at once.

For this purpose, all that is needed is to share the link of the document with several people at once. Further, you can also track who has signed it yet. What can be more convenient than this?

Moreover, the documents are timestamped. This means the user can get to know when a document was signed by the other person. It also increases the authenticity of the signatures and reduces the imposter factor.

How to Sign PDF using eSignatures

Signing a document with CocoSign is very simple. The user just has to follow up a few simple steps, and he is good to go.

Following are the steps which are needed to be followed:

Step1: Upload the PDF

In order to upload the PDF user has to click on the option which says ‘choose file’. Then the user is supposed to choose the file to be uploaded and press upload.

Step2: Sign the PDF

First of all, the user has to select the type of signature and create the free signature. Then the created signature has to be added to the document. The user can also go for an already made signature. It is totally up to the user whether to create or use a readymade one.

Step3: Download the PDF

After doing all the alterations and signing. The last thing is to download the PDF.

Legal Service Industry

eSignatures are not only for your official documents or other works, but they are also acceptable in any Legal service. Whether you have some court work or other legal work, you can sign the document online without any issue.

It will eventually save your time to pay a visit to a court to sign some papers or the time you would have spent collecting documents while doing manual signatures. You can also visit the official website of CocoSign to know more about this service.

Official Work

CocoSign allows the clients to sign digitally binding contracts, documents, and forums with utmost ease and comfort. Even the user can send the documents directly to their clients and request their signatures. And the icing over the cake is that this procedure can be tracked.

This means you can track down either the document is signed yet or not. Also, the user can send a reminder email if necessary.

Motive of CocoSign

Actually, the motive of CocoSign is to make the work paperless, protect the environment, and provide ease to the people by lessening their manual labor. Time will also be saved when the position will be shifted to the digital zone.

For example, 2 minutes were consumed to sign the document. When all work is digital, it will be reduced to seconds. Moreover, all the time to post, receive, and all such stuff will also be cut down. So having CocoSign by your side is a deal of benefit.

Go Green Perspective

When the work is paperless and digital, it will ultimately make less usage of paper. Eventually, the cutting of trees will be reduced, which was previously being cut to produce paper. All this, in return, will cause the environment to go green.

Safe to Use

People have been seen concerned about the safety of using electronic signatures. CocoSign is an entirely secure and protected service, and anyone can rely upon it with his essential data. The users can confidently store their private and sensitive information on it as secured by the latest security protocols.

It provides AES 256-BIT SSL encryption and 2048-bit private keys, among other safety measures, to ensure complete document protection.


CocoSign has covered all of its clients as it has every sort of template. From real estate to employment or whatever else template the user need, they can quickly get it from the template library. CocoSign has a huge library of templates for the ease of its clients.

Plans And Pricing

CocoSign has different packages with different prices. To accommodate the needs of everyone. The users can choose from the plans which fit best to their needs. The plans are free, business, business pro, enterprise, advanced solutions.

All these plans vary in prices, templates, and multiples factors, which the users can check from the official website of CocoSign as everything in detail is available over there.


The coming time is whole about digital things. If we will not change with time the world will get ahead of us. Of course, those people are an advantage that changes with time. So what is holding you back from taking a plunge into the digital world?

Get started today and see the ease and difference it comes along. Keep us updated about your experience, and do not forget to give your precious feedback.

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