Why are animal rights protesters targeting NBA playoffs?

Unusual protests are backed by measures to prevent the spread of bird flu.

HOUSTON – Why are protesters targeting NBA games?

You’ve seen animal rights activists protest in recent games against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Someone was caught trying to stick themselves in court. Another dressed as an NBA official tried to attack a hardwood tree.

The protests can be linked to the current outbreak of bird flu in the United States

The current owner of the Timberwolves, Glen Taylor, also owns an egg factory in Iowa. Avian flu is spread through similar operations, forcing owners to kill entire herds of chickens. This strain of bird flu, H5N1, is highly contagious and deadly to birds.

Most of the chickens killed to prevent the spread are laying hens, and this action leads to an increase in the price of eggs. Animal rights activists have accused Taylor’s farm of killing more than five million chickens due to the epidemic.

H5N1 has shown itself in Texas, but so far has not affected any major chicken operations.

State agricultural experts are warning commercial operators and backyard chicken owners to be careful against this virulent strain. Because migratory birds help spread the disease, homeowners with chickens are advised to try to keep wild birds away from their yards. This means that there are no bird feeders, and if you come in contact with wild birds, clean them thoroughly.

Although humans can spread bird flu, the risk to public health is low.

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Why are animal rights protesters targeting NBA playoffs?

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