Which state will have the first presidential primary in 2024?

Nevada’s new law could launch other states, especially Iowa and New Hampshire, in an attempt to raise the presidential primary.

Las Vegas — Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada signed a bill on Friday to hit Iowa and New Hampshire from the lead-off spot and vote for Western states first in the 2024 presidential preliminaries.

Signing the law is gambling.

Other states, especially Iowa and New Hampshire, may launch a move to move the contest up. Political parties in each country must agree to change the calendar. Otherwise, there is a risk that state parties will lose their representatives at the presidential nominating convention.

The Democratic National Committee has not yet announced whether it will support calendar shakeups and has no plans to start writing rules for the nomination process until next year.

This week, Republicans at the four early presidential nominations all jointly opposed the move, saying they were committed to maintaining a historic schedule.

Democrats in Nevada, including former US Senator Harry Reid, launched a push to boost the state this year after party members questioned the process in the 2020 primary. They noted the caucuses plagued by Iowa’s problems and the fact that the two traditional early states were overwhelmingly white.

Prior to winning the party’s nomination, President Joe Biden had a poor record in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries. Nevada finished second with a much more racially diverse population that reflected the entire United States.

It gave Biden momentum for the South Carolina primary, which drove him to a series of Super Tuesday victories.

The new law will change the Nevada contest from a direct caucuses run by the party to a government-run primary election. By 2020, the Democratic Party has begun the transition from caucuses to primaries nationwide. This is due to the difficulty of meeting in person and the tedious calculations to determine who will get the most delegates.

The law requires that the presidential primary be held on the first Tuesday of February of the year of the presidential election.

Both Iowa and New Hampshire have shown that they are ready to fight to defend their position. New Hampshire has state law and the presidential primary must be held at least 7 days before other similar contests. The law also gives the Secretary of State New Hampshire exclusive authority to set the first day.

Racially diverse South Carolina can bid to move up as well. The southern states are seen as the bell of a candidate’s ability to appeal to black voters who play an important role in Democratic voters. The state benefits from one of its own, Jamie Harrison, as the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“We continue to carry out the process on a quarterly basis and look forward to hearing insights and recommendations from all stakeholders at the right time in the process for the 2020 reforms and the 2024 calendar. “Harrison said in a statement on Friday.

Biden has had a big influence on the party leader process, but it’s not clear where he stands to rock the calendar. White House spokesman Jen Psaki declined to comment on the order of the presidential primary this week.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, South Carolina, is a mentor for Harrison, a close ally of Biden, told The Associated Press earlier this month: It’s not a good thing. “

“Democratic and Republican candidates didn’t go well in the general election,” Cliburn said.

Asked specifically about Nevada’s move, Cliburn plans to break the conflict by characterizing the two traditional first states of Iowa and New Hampshire as having a relatively homogeneous composition. He said he supported it. He said “Nevada can do what it wants,” but said the decision was ultimately up to the DNC’s rules committee.

“It’s okay for Nevada to be the first, but I personally have the problem for Iowa to be the first. Just shoot South Carolina in the front window and I’m I think we can give it. It’s guidance to the rest of the country on how to shake off candidates, and I think history proves that. “

The Associated Press writer Darlene Superville in Washington and Megkinard in Columbia, South Carolina contributed to this report.

Which state will have the first presidential primary in 2024?

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