Which bill landed on Governor Abbott’s desk?

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The 88th Congress has been a busy five months.Presented by the Texas Senate and House of Representatives Over 8,000 bills and over 3,400 resolutions. As of Wednesday afternoon, only 811 bills and 3,107 resolutions have passed.

Wednesday is Last day for both houses To review legislation passed by the other party.

With Sine Die less than a week away, which bills are on the desk of Governor Greg Abbott and have a chance of being enacted?

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Bills passed in one House may be changed as they pass through the other, either by amendment or by committee replacement. In order for the bill to go to the governor’s desk, the legislature that originally introduced the bill must approve those changes. If not, a conference committee will be set up to discuss it further.

Senate Bill No. 12 was once called the Anti-Drugs Bill, but was dropped by the House State Affairs Committee as an alternative. Language related to gender expression and drug performance. The Senate has yet to approve any significant changes to the bill.

But the most important bill for Texas is HB 1 — State Budget. I am currently on the conference committee.

Other Amended Bills Requiring Approval:

Both houses have until May 29 to consider these changes.

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As of Wednesday, 652 bills have been sent to the governor by Congress.

HB 2127, approved by the Senate, strips Texas cities of the power to enact local ordinances Relates to state agricultural, financial, insurance, labor, natural resources, and occupational regulations. This means that local governments will only be given the opportunity to submit desired changes through the legislative process once every two years.

SB14,a Prohibition of transition-related medical care for minorswas promoted to governor on May 19. Abbott said: Interview with FOX News on May 18 that he would sign the bill.

Some of the other bills being introduced to the governor include:

the bill has already been signed

As of Wednesday, Mr. Abbott has signed 157 bills into law.

The current banknote residual rate is 10.1%. Of the bills passed, the governor signed 19.4%. Most of the bills Mr. Abbott signed into effect on September 1.

Some of the bills that have been signed into law are listed below.

Here is the current list of bills signed by the Governor (5/24):

Abbott has only vetoed one bill so far. SB1615which would have put Texas in an interstate agreement for cosmetology licenses.

According to the Texas Tribune, Abbott said: He will veto SB 8a bill to create a school voucher system in the event of failure to “expand school choice.”

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