WhatsApp introduces “Communities”, allowing users to combine separate groups

In what might be one of WhatsApp’s biggest updates following the launch of ‘WhatsApp Business’, the popular instant messaging platform has now announced the launch of ‘Communities’. This would now allow people to group different WhatsApp groups under one umbrella, making it easier to locate and communicate with different sections within the same organizations.

This could very well be inspired by how Slack works. You have multiple channels, where you can add multiple members, all of which fall under the same umbrella of your parent organization. WhatsApp also plans to position itself as a powerful business tool, rather than just a personal instant messaging app. And this new feature could be one more step in that direction.

In an official blog post, this is how WhatsApp describes the new “communities” feature,

Communities on WhatsApp will allow people to bring together separate groups under one umbrella with a structure that works for them. This way, people can get updates sent out to the whole community and easily organize smaller discussion groups about what matters to them. Communities will also contain powerful new tools for admins, including announcement messages sent to everyone and control over which groups can be included.

And again, this looks pretty much like how Slack operates channels. Here’s what it looks like:

Communities, like the rest of WhatsApp, will be secured through the platform’s end-to-end encryption. Additionally, all communities will be inherently private, addressing critical concerns of nonprofit and social groups about state-sponsored surveillance and hacking of their accounts and chats.

New Changes to WhatsApp Groups

Additionally, WhatsApp is also rolling out a slew of new changes to its “groups”, putting it on par with something like an iMessage or Meta’s Messenger.

  • Reactions – Emoji reactions are coming to WhatsApp so people can quickly share their thoughts without flooding chats with new messages.
  • Admin delete – Group admins will be able to delete stray or problematic posts from everyone’s chats.
  • File Sharing – We’re expanding File Sharing to support files up to 2 gigabytes so people can easily collaborate on projects.
  • Bigger Voice Calls – We’ll introduce one-click voice calls for up to 32 people with an all-new design for those times when live chatting is preferable to chatting.

“While other apps create chats for hundreds of thousands of people, we choose to focus on supporting groups that are part of our daily lives,” WhatsApp added.

WhatsApp introduces “Communities”, allowing users to combine separate groups

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