What you need to know about the Senate, House races as the midterms are approaching

If you’re already tired of political ads and polls, we have some bad news for you. It only increases further.

The start of October means we’re headed down the home stretch to Election Day in November, and there’s no doubt that there will be an important race across the nation shaping representation and dominance in Washington, D.C., in the near future.

Here’s an overview of the state of the Senate and House of Representatives for the elections over a month away.


Currently, 50 Republicans, 48 ​​Democrats, and 2 seats belong to Democratic-aligned independents, so technically, Vice President Kamala Harris has the power to make tie-breaking votes. Democrats hold the majority based on

Elections for 35 seats were held this fall, 21 of which are defended by Republicans.

Of these 35 races, 4 races are called “toss-ups” by experts. These races are in the following states:

  • Arizona. As of the poll released Sept. 30,incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Kelly extended his lead to 7 points (49% to 42%) over venture capitalist Republican challenger Blake Masters.
  • Georgia. In a Fox News poll released Sept. 28,Incumbent Democratic Senator Rafael Warnock, who won the January 2021 runoff, leads former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL running back Republican candidate Herschel Walker by 5 points (46% to 41%). did. If neither candidate wins his 50% of the votes, another runoff vote will be held.
  • Nevada. Opinion poll released Oct. 2 Republican challenger Adam Laxalt, former Nevada Attorney General, has a two-point lead (45% to 43%) over incumbent Democratic Senator Katherine Cortez Mast.
  • Wisconsin. In a poll released on September 29,, incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson had a five-point lead (51% to 46%) over Democratic challenger Lt. Mandela Burns. Given that Burns had a 7-point lead in the August polls, the polls showed Johnson trending higher.

As for the other races, six of them were considered competitive, According to a report by cbsnews.comDistricts in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina lean Republican, while districts in Colorado, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania lean Democratic.

House of Representatives

Democrats currently hold 221 of the 435 seats, and Republicans hold 212. Assuming that’s correct, Republicans would need to win five seats to win her 218 seats and regain control of the House.

All seats in the House of Representatives will be contested in November. Some experts believe Republicans are likely to win enough seats to regain control of the House..

The reasons are a combination of redistricting that has led to Republicans winning votes in certain districts, and the fact that 22 Democrats in the House are retiring.

Not only are there expectations that the Republican Party will win five seats to gain a majority, but they will far exceed them.

Some Democrats are quietly saying that Republicans will get single-digit net profits in the House if there is a good night election. According to a Politico article.

A big issue for voters seems to be inflation and abortion rights. According to NPRand candidates will undoubtedly spend the last month or more leading up to Election Day campaigning about why they are the best candidate/party to address the concerns Americans have about these issues. will do

In other words, get ready for a busy home stretch and more advertising by November 8th.

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