What Makes Online Sports Betting So Addictive?

Sports betting in India has tremendously grown because of the increased addiction rate seen throughout the year. Addicted people could not even realize that they are addicted and would continue to bet even after realizing that it might be bad for them.

Despite the addictions, many people have been getting money through sports betting. Visit the high-quality betting sites for Indians to know more about their irresistible sites and try your luck.

6 Reasons why Online Sports Betting is Addictive

Have you ever wondered why people who have started betting find it difficult to stop? The following reasons show why sports betting is addictive in India.

It is available throughout the Day and Night

This provides an excellent opportunity for people to bet online during the day and at night. Since people do not worry about opening or closing hours, those going to work in day time can still bet at night or evening hours after work. Sports betting, therefore, provides a good platform for addiction since anyone is allowed to bet anywhere anytime, so long as you are over 18 years of age.

It is Hard to Detect

Unlike the initial physical betting shops, it is tough to know whether your kin is betting. Initially, it was easy to see a person visiting the betting shop, but nowadays, the person can just bet at the comfort of his home or office, and it is so confidential unless you share your phone or laptop with someone.

So one can comfortably bet without necessarily being detached from his regular duties. Therefore, it is difficult to identify the problem of sports betting and correct it before it becomes worst.

It is Robot Controlled

When you have signed in as a betting newcomer, the robot in Online Sports Betting is designed to favor the newcomers, so there are some chances of winning. At this point, the player’s mind is too much into the game because he has invested in it and sees that he will win soon.

In most cases, games played against the robot are always rigged, but the player always hopes to win next time, so they bet continuously, and addiction sets in.

It is Attractive

The Online Sports Betting platforms and websites are designed to lure people to come back again and bet. There are advertisements for promotions and free incentives, such as betting for free if you are a newcomer.

Again, they sometimes lower the betting odds to lure the players, and most of the time, the player do win. This motivates them to come back and bet again.

You will therefore continue visiting the Online Sports Betting websites with the hope of winning while you are still eligible for betting for free or lowered odds. As time goes you become addicted.

It is Anonymous

In Online Sports Betting, you might not know who is betting because people could lie about their credentials while opening an account. They can lie about their name and age. Therefore anyone can bet, and if they don’t win, they lose privately.

Unlike the sports betting shops where people could know the losers and the winners, and most probably, the losers would find it challenging to continue betting, online Sports betting saves you that shame, so you will continue to bet more and more.

Online Sports Betting Websites Plays with People’s Psychology

Online sports betting websites are developed to play with psychology, such as video games. This increases the peoples’ gratification as compared to the betting shops. The players, therefore, find themselves coming back because their instincts have been triggered, and the curiosity increased by these psychological cues.


Online Sports Betting is good if done responsively, and most people have won jackpots through betting. However, if you have developed some betting addictions, it becomes dangerous to your health, jobs, and even relationships. Therefore, as a sport better watch out not fall in addiction ditch!


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