What kind of pressure?Biles soars to lead US Olympic Trials

ST.Louis – Simone Biles is ready for Tokyo.

World and Olympic Gymnastics Champions unveiled a stunning display at the US Olympic Trials on Friday night, pulling out all the stops on their way to command and spot in Japan next month.

Her overall total of 60.565 included 15.133 on-beams featuring a “double-double” dismount named after her. This is the operation she has been obscuring since the 2019 World Championships. She chose to skip Yurchenko’s double-pike vault, which she announced at last month’s tournament, and still scored the top score at the event.

Her floor exercises, which included two name-bearing elements in the sport’s point code instead of one, were superb and well-controlled. After breaking the limits several times while winning his seventh national title earlier this month, Biles was clearly frustrated, with his toes firmly inside the white line while the laws of physics pushed the tumbling path. I kept it.


On Sunday night after the finals, the top two all-round finishers will automatically qualify for the Olympic team. No matter what happens on Sunday, Biles is rock.

Sunisa Lee and Jordan Chiles are also approaching the territory. They may already be there.

The Biles, Lee and Chiles trio came to the Nationals 1-2-3. They are in the same position towards the final after Lee raises 57.666, followed by Chile at 57.132, more than 0.5 points above Mikaila Skinner.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many of its competitors back into the competition after a long break, but Chile won the title at the Winter Cup in February and has been in the top three of the event tournament ever since. I will. Perhaps just as importantly, she seems no longer affected by the pressure. She has now completed 20 events in the last four months, none of which failed.

Even Biles, who removed the uneven bars at US Classic in May, can’t say that.


The selection committee secured 30 minutes after the final and put together the team. You may need it every last second to see who gets the 4th spot.

The 24-year-old Skinner makes a fairly convincing claim. As an alternative for 2016, Skinner went on to college after the Rio Olympics and returned to the elite level in 2019. She spent part of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown fighting the new coronavirus and pneumonia.

Scared of health behind her, she wears some of the best gymnastics of her career. Powering the energy inside the electric dome in the American center, Skinner finished in the top five at three events and begged the crowd to roar at the end of every disembarkation.

Skinner, Grace McCallum and Keila Dicello are separated by just three-tenths of the points, and Kara Eaker is a little behind. DiCello has recovered from the sluggish performance of multiple events until it was in the top six in three of the four events.


The competition for “Plus One” specialist spots seems to be defeated by Riley Macascar. Her bar routine is world class and if she can reproduce it, her 14.800 score will put her in the medal mix in Tokyo.

Jade Carey, who won the personal nominative case in the World Cup series, is the only gymnast who has already secured a spot and entered the tournament. She excavated her Amânar vault. Her score was 15.2 seconds, second only to Biles at this event.


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What kind of pressure?Biles soars to lead US Olympic Trials

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