What is Ultra Short Race Space Training?

Andrew studied in his backyard pool, embraced a short burst of speed, and followed an unorthodox path to the Olympic team.

Two Olympic rookie have set the spot for Tokyo. Teen Torri Huske captured a female 100 butterfly and Michael Andrew won a male 100 breaststroke.

Hasuke It was a world record pace On the turn, but on the return leg, it faded a bit. Still, she first touched in 55.66 seconds and broke the 55.78 national mark set in the semifinals the night before.

An 18-year-old boy from Arlington, Virginia, broke the world record (55.48) set by Sarah Sjoström of Sweden in a Rio game five years ago.

“I don’t even know what to do,” Hasuke said. “I’ve been thinking about this. I feel like it’s not really sinking. It’s really crazy.”

A younger swimmer, 16-year-old Claire Kazan of Cary, North Carolina, took the expected second place for the Olympic team at 56.43.

Andrew has taken an unorthodox path to the Olympic team. He turned professional at the age of 14 and was trained by his father in the backyard pool. This method emphasized that short bursts of sprints are swimming the rigorous routine of endless laps. This is a method called ultra-sprint training.

It was rewarded in Omaha. 22-year-old Andrew stepped forward on an outward lap, Desperately hugged Finally, I mentioned it in 58.73. It’s a bit slower than when I set up two American records the day before.

After missing the Olympic team in 2016, Andrew overcame his emotions. He sat on a rope in the lane, looked up at the sky, and raised his arms. After climbing out of the pool, he hugged his father, mom and sister.

“It’s still hard to believe it’s real,” Andrew said. “It’s been five years since it was created. I haven’t made the team 17 years old, so I’m just honored and blessed to come back to correct it.”

Andrew Wilson was second, only one hundredth of a second behind. He is also expected to form an Olympic team. What I missed was Nick Fink, who settled in 3rd place at 58.80.

Travis Pitman contributed to this report.

What is Ultra Short Race Space Training?

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