What is the creature that hangs around the grapevine?

After much online speculation, Grapevine Animal Services has finally identified the “mystery” creature.

GRAPEVINE, Texas – If you’re hoping to see a chupacabra, don’t hold your breath.

According to Grapevine Animal Services, the animal in these viral photos is a mangy coyote.

Steve Cooley first spotted the skinny, hairless animal roaming his yard weeks ago.

“I mowed the lawn on the 15th and while I was mowing it kept hanging out in the next door neighbor’s yard,” Cooley said.

So Kuli took his camera, took some photos and shared them with his Facebook friends. They then shared her post and their theories about what the creature could be.

“My neighbor says chupacabra,” Cooley wrote in his post.

If mythical creatures aren’t your thing, the chupacabra is a folklore creature believed to attack livestock and drink their blood.

But this story is non-fiction.

A Grapevine Animal Services warden quickly shot down the chupacabra theory.

“The animal in the photo is a coyote with mange,” Superintendent Kristina Valentine wrote in an email to WFAA.

Mange is a skin disease in which parasitic mites settle on the skin or hair follicles of mammals and cause hair loss.

If you see a coyote and have other pets, Valentine said, keep them inside until the coyote is safely removed and call animal services at 817-410-3370.

Chupacabra jokes aside, Cooley said he hopes the coyote is found safe and well.

“He was favoring his back leg and walking around the back yard again. He hasn’t been seen since and I fear the worst for him,” Cooley said.

What is the creature that hangs around the grapevine?

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