What is it like to have a record deal and Justin Bieber for a 14 year old fan?

Do you write a lot of music from your experience? Or is it more imaginative?

Half each. I have more experience now. [When] I started, I really didn’t have a story to talk about. I had to create a story and match it to the mood of the song. But I think that’s why I’m good at music and writing. I think it’s good to do a little storytelling. I’ve been writing stories since I was little.

When I was in LA, I had my first live performance at EmoNite. How was it like?

Until then, I was very scared. I did a lot of rehearsals. And I was very scared of people, but I think everything was paralyzed the moment I stepped onto the stage. I do not know why. I was so nervous that I don’t think I was nervous anymore. I just got out there and acted like I was playing in the living room in front of my mother, just like when I was three years old. And apparently I killed it. I don’t remember. I went back and watched some videos, but I’m still a little scared of what I did.

That seems pretty scary.

I didn’t know what to do [concerts] worked. In other words, I was watching it on YouTube etc., but I did not know if I was really absorbed in it.

You now have a new single “I Will Wait”. How do you feel compared to the ones you released earlier?

It has a slightly euphoric atmosphere. It’s definitely different from what I’m making recently. To be honest, all the music I play is made like last winter, so I’m happy to play some music after I grow up.

One of the recent songs, “Too fast, “You collaborated with another teenage artist, Matt Ox. Did you get to know each other well?

He hit me last March. I’ve already written a song and he said, “Send me an open. I really like your music.” Since then, we’ve talked a lot. He is probably one of my best friends in the industry. My mom and his mom are really good friends. Super cool.

There are many other artists who have become famous as teenagers, such as Olivia Rodrigo. Did you learn any lessons from their example?

I think I learned a lot from their mistakes — more [from artists] Not like Olivia Rodrigo, but underground. Olivia killed it. I love Olivia. Shout Olivia. But I’m learning from their mistakes. Another thing that helped me is that they are also becoming more hatred. It helps me a lot because I’m not the only one hated.

So you are just starting high school. Is that correct?

Oh i’m homeschooling [now].. I just got homeschooled. Finding a school to go to was really a problem and I was running out of time. So I was like a homeschool.

Is it a difficult transition?

I’m really bored. I definitely miss it. Making music is so cool and ah everyone, I miss Friday because I have a show and I’ll be back to school just next Monday. That would be very cool. I know that many friends like Baby Santana go to real school. Looks pretty cool to them.

Are you as young as you, so are you aware, for example, that you don’t do it too fast and keep things from getting too crazy?

Yeah, I’m definitely taking a break and just having fun. It’s that I’m always scared and burned out. It hasn’t burned out yet. But I know it happens to many young artists, and I really don’t want it to happen to me. I want to make music as long as I can live.

What is it like to have a record deal and Justin Bieber for a 14 year old fan?

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