What exactly is a “tax tax”?

The life of a professional athlete may seem bright to many, but the tax period is actually a time when it is not so desirable to be a rich and famous athlete.

In addition to being at a higher tax rate, professional athletes and their accountants are very busy during the tax period due to something called a “tax jock”.

Professional athletes travel across the country earning money in many different states, and therefore, have to pay taxes on the money they earn from racing in each of these states.

It’s good that these athletes are making a lot of money, because they have to make some money to good tax professionals who have to adjust the tax rules of each state where their clients make money.

For athletes traveling to Canada for racing, it becomes even more complicated.

All athletes have what is called housing, the place they claim is their main residence, which is why athletes like to live in states with low or no income taxes.

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From there, we need to understand what the tax rules are for each state in which they play.

Baseball player Alex Rodriguez, for example, paid more than $ 500,000 a year in non-Texas state income taxes in the 2000s.

Professional golfers in particular can often earn a lot more money in tournaments held in other states than those held in their own state.

The only states without income tax are Florida, Texas, Washington and Washington, DC

This story was first published in 2019. It has been updated ever since.

What exactly is a “tax tax”?

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