What Congress wants from Big Tech

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At first there were a lot of screams. And now there is action. (may be.)

Bad moods about the power of big tech companies bring new and perhaps amazing progress. Congressman wrote a legislative package that could radically change Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple if everything goes through, as we know ..

I asked my colleague Cecilia Kang to explain the invoice and how to do it.

White: What does this law suggest to do?

Cecilia: There are six bills that try to limit the power of big tech companies in different ways. One bill to fund more government agencies checking companies is less controversial.

This helped solidify the almost bipartisan consensus that Washington needed to reduce contact with tech companies. And now, antitrust law is recognized as a way to address a range of perceived problems with technology, including Republican perceptions of conservative voices and prejudices against views.

Big tech companies Extremely And Create too many enemies Was it inevitable that they would be subject to new laws and regulations in Washington?

Both. I regret having misjudged how much profit a company would benefit from politicians and regulators in a conversation with a lobbyist at a major tech company. And tech firm Washington’s policy firm may not have fully stated to West Coast bosses how much lawmakers opposed Big Tech.

But a handful of tech companies are the most valuable companies in the country, affecting the economy, labor practices, the way people find information, and our lives. It exposes the company to scrutiny.

How are companies responding to these bills?

Their central message is that lawmakers run the risk of creating far more problems than they might solve. For example, Apple says people will be exposed to sketchy apps if Congress asks the company to allow them to download iPhone apps outside the official store. Lobbyists say Amazon may be forced to stop prime delivery of some products.

Is there a united front between Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple?

necessarily. There are some disagreements about the policy. Facebook seems to be accepting one of the suggestions that makes it easy for people to bring data from one app to their competitors. Google opposes it and says it exposes people to scammers.

There is also anger in the internal organs. Not only the largest companies, but quite a few tech companies are outraged at believing that Facebook has done it to hurt the entire industry. Lobbyists told me that it’s difficult for Facebook to oppose antitrust law after many scandals. Apple, which is in conflict with Facebook in almost every respect, is effectively lobbying lawmakers on behalf of Apple and Facebook.

Ironically sorry, what if Big Tech was just waiting? Department And Fight Among lawmakers to kill the legislation?

Are you lobbying? !! This is a classic strategy, and it’s not an illogical bet that Congress doesn’t put together its actions. However, these antitrust bills, especially those that make acquisitions difficult or force companies to dismantle their businesses, pose a real threat to Big Tech. Companies have to fight them.

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What Congress wants from Big Tech

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