What Changes Need to be Made to the Law on Carrying Weapons so that There is no Problem with Shooting in Schools?

Recently, America has experienced an increase in the frequency of mass shootings and other gun-related violence in its schools. Many critics point to its gun law lacking the appropriate legal action and framework to curtail this societal menace. In its current state, this legislation fails to adequately control how civilians own and use firearms.

This article reveals helpful information about how the government can potentially tackle the problem of gun-related violence in schools, how college students are handling the situation, and more.

How to Solve the Problem of Gun Violence

Awareness and Prohibition of Firearms Use or Ownership for Individuals in High-Risk Groups

People who carry out public shootings are often victims of mental health illnesses. It’s best to prohibit individuals in this group from owning or using firearms. Perpetrators of gun-related violence exhibit behavior issues before committing the crime, with many family members and relatives often describing them as concerning. The legislation should permit enforcement officials the right to temporarily restrict such individuals’ access to firearms, especially if they belong to high-risk groups.

It’s essential to create awareness amongst the public about potential warning signs. Tutors have their students write a paper relating to this topic. Many college undergraduates often improve their knowledge of this issue by reading a school shooting essay collection online. There are many free essay samples available on the internet that share reports and takeaways from previous events. Reporting friends or family members who exhibit warning signs to the appropriate authorities can prevent a potential crime and also aid in getting them the help they need.

Background Checks Requirements and Mandatory Training

Strangely, you can get a firearm from an unlicensed dealer without the vendor conducting a background check. Studies show that most people who buy guns privately would fail one if this was enacted to the legislation. Such a situation is worrisome, and given the fact that they also don’t have to undergo firearms training doesn’t in any way help to ease the public or enforcement officials’ concerns.

Allocation of More Funds to Gun Violence Research and Threat Assessment Programs

Government should provide more funding to the research of gun violence. It’s critical to identify common patterns in such acts and develop potential solutions to this problem.

Early intervention is crucial to stopping a crime, and the same rule applies to a school shooting. Educational institutions should consider establishing an assessment team to identify individuals that exhibit the earliest warning signs of potential violence. Afterward, they can direct such pupils to the right professionals for treatment. States should assist with funding these programs.

More Secure Gun Storage Practices and Laws

Many perpetrators below 18 years obtain the guns used during a school shooting from home, close relatives, or friends, often without the owner’s knowledge. It’s crucial to create and promote awareness of secure storage among the public. Implementing laws that mandate gun owners can help address the issue of firearm sources in school shootings.

How the Government is Currently Trying to Solve Gun Violence in Schools

Implementing Extreme Risk Protection Order

Several states have gun laws that permit enforcement officers to confiscate firearms from individuals that belong to high-risk groups.

Background Checks

Many states have laws that prevent the “private sale loophole”. Previously it was possible in these regions to buy firearms without being subjected to a background check if the seller was an unlicensed dealer. This rule currently applies to less than half of the entire US states, but hopefully will catch on and become universal.

Increasing the Minimum Age Limit

Many states now have the minimum age limit for procuring firearms set at 21 years.

Banning Bump Stock

Bump stocks are devices that modify the fire rate of semi automatics to those of automatics. Under current gun law, firearms dealers are prohibited from selling such products.

What Students Think of the Situation

The reaction to school shootings and gun law has been mixed among students. But the majority of pupils believe early identification is crucial to preventing such events. They believe intervention from teachers is appropriate, with their tutors having to care more and engaging with them at a personal level.

Also, many students believe teachers need to halt the practices of bullying. Many perpetrators of gun-related violence in schools often suffer from mental health disorders, with alienation, stress, abuse, and more being triggering factors.

How Students are Trying to Solve this Problem on their Own?

  • Advocating for Effective Gun Control
  • Learning about the Problem
  • Prioritizing Mental Health
  • Reporting Violent Behavior

Final Thoughts

Most if not all of the school shootings could have been prevented with effective gun control laws. Teachers often have their students write essay papers on this issue to help improve their knowledge and create awareness of it. Actions such as assessment programs, provisions of health professionals to individuals suffering from mental health illnesses, promoting secure storage, and more can help curtail the frightening frequency of gun-related violence in colleges and other levels of education.

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