What are online slot machines, and how do I play?

In the digital age, everything that we once had to go out and do ‘in person’ is moving online, and it doesn’t stop at online banking. Everything from ordering food, to socialising with friends is available at the click of a button, even popular casino games have now become available online, with many people now playing online slot machines. In Indonesia situs slot online or online slots sites are very popular because physical casinos don’t exist so people gamble online.

This trend has exploded during the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, as many players found themselves unable to travel into casinos, and instead found themselves enjoying their favourite games online.

So, what are online slots? Online slot machines are digital versions of popular slot machines or fruit machines that can be found at any decent ‘in-land’ casino or gambling arcade. They can include all the usual story favourites, such as: Fruit Zen, Mega Flip, Cleopatra, Goblin’s Cave, and many more. In fact, the variety of online slot machines available means that the list doesn’t stop at popular casino games, there are actually hundreds more options to choose from.

Each slot machine is ever so slightly different, with additional features such as wild symbols, scatter symbols and interactive bonus rounds, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the machine of your choice before playing.

In general, the playing principles and method remain the same as they are for the ‘in-land’ casinos. First, the player chooses the machine that appeals to them the most. It is important to choose one with graphics and a storyline that appeal to you, and enjoyment of the game is a key factor. Once the player has chosen and opened their game of choice, they will now be faced with a screen of reels, operation buttons such as ‘spin’ and ‘max bet’, and they will be able to see their bank roll in the corner.

The first thing the player needs to do, is familiarise themselves with the pay table. This will show them how much each symbol is worth, and which symbols they need to look out for. The player will then be faced with the decision of how large a bet they would like to place, and how many lines they would like to play. They should only select ‘max bet’ if they wish to select all play lines.

After they have done this, it is then time to play. The player should click ‘spin’ to spin the reels, and watch the magic happen. If they have won, the game will display their winnings and offer them the opportunity to gamble. This will give them the chance of winning larger prices with an extra bonus game. They can keep spinning the reels for as long as they wish, as long as they ensure to keep an eye on their bank roll!

In summary, online slots are altogether no different from ‘in-land’ casino slot machines, except they can contain extra hidden bonuses, and can be played from the comfort of your own home.

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