What 300W LED parking lot Lepro lights their description, benefits, and key features

Parking lot lights have a great connection with the reputation of a company, institution, or any organization. If you have installed a good lighting system in the parking lot then your employees, customers, and guests feel safe and it will also reduce the risk of occurrence of accidents. It will depict your vision that you are very concerned for the business and safety of the people.

Among the light-providing companies, Lepro (Lighting Ever LTD) has a reliable reputation in the UK market. Their logo reveals that lepra provides a reliable and awesome experience to their customers at a satisfying price rate. Lepro lights are developed by top-class world brands of OEM and ODM manufacturers. Lepro customers are extremely satisfied customers as Lepro links and listens to customers’ demands and feedback directly without using sales channels.

300W LED Parking Lot lights


Among the light fixtures of Lepro, you will find excellent options for street lighting or parking lot lighting. At a  reasonable price, Lepro provides you 300W LED Parking lot light with photocell, 39000 Lumens, and 1000W metal halide equivalent. If you are a businessman then you will get a 10% discount on these Lepro lights.

Description of 300W LED Parking Lot lights


Lepro 300W LED Parking Lot lights are energy efficient as they reduce Utility bills up to 70% as they contain chips and top-notch Seoul LEDs which provide 130lm/w of 5000K white daylight. These Lepro lights work best for industrial use because of their durability and commercial grade aluminum body which is coupled with polyester powder coating. These are waterproof and provide excellent protection against voltage spikes and are durable in extreme weather conditions even in snowstorms.

These lights are DLC and UL certified which aid customers to gain energy-saving rebates from utility companies. To resolve all the technical problems or defects that could be present in the product Lepro has provided a 5-year warranty on these Lepro lights.

Benefits of 300W LED Parking Lot lights


Lepro lights provide the following benefits to the customers:

  • 300w LED parking lot lights have a long shelf life of 82.2 years at 77° it eliminates the expenses of maintenance even lighting 8 hours per day.
  • You can save 70% of your money by replacing 1000 W metal halide lamps with 300W LED parking lot lights. In terms of lumen output, these Lepro lights can attain 130lm /w.
  • These Lepro lights bear extreme weather conditions including lightning, thunderstorms, rain, etc as they have great surge immunity of 6KV L-N wire and 10 KV L/N-PE wire.

Difference between Lepro 300W LED Parking Lot Lights and other conventional lights

Laptop 300w LED parking lot lights to reduce energy usage up to 50% as compared to other conventional lights. From dusk to dawn its LEDs automatically turn on and off as they are controlled by photocell sensors.

Lepro 300w LED parking lot lights can work best within the temperature range of -4°F to 104°F due to the presence of Premium aluminum housing and L-PE wiring which provides IP65 waterproofing and 10KV surge protection.

Key features of Laptop 300w LED parking lot lights


The Important key features of Laptop 300w LED parking lot lights are discussed below:

  • It has a great function of heat dissipation. LED shoebox light which structure is streamlined that helps in heat dissipation and has hollow out housing.
  • For easy setup, these Lepro lights have a direct mount which enables them to fit easily on round or square type poles.
  • It has a 1-10V dimmer switch which you can use to adjust the brightness level of shoebox lights. It also provides Type III light distribution which is best to use in streets and parking lots.
  • Photocells are present in these Lepro lights which can turn on and off automatically by detecting the change in light. If you don’t want to use them you can remove them easily.



Lepro lights are most reliable and durable, especially when you are interested in buying Street or parking lot lights. You will get your dream light at a low price because Lepro light’s price is based on the efficiency of the lights. On the Lepro official website, you will get all the details even though they have uploaded the user manual of each product in PDF form. You just have to download it.

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