West Side Latino Initiatives to help start your business

San Antonio – A new initiative aimed at supporting the prosperity of Latin businesses has begun on the West Side of San Antonio.

The city of Alamo was one of the six major Latin cities chosen in July 2021 to partner with the Aspen Institute to build a stronger business “ecosystem.” Since August 2021, a group of local organizations have developed various strategies to support small businesses in the city’s terrible Hispanic Westside through a local initiative called ESTAR West.

Strategies include: Outreach to help businesses connect with resources, provide equipment and training to help businesses compete better in the digital economy, and in the Westside Business Corridor Reinvest, attract more businesses to the area and avoid driving out long-time residents in the process.

“We all have a personalized program to help you really understand how to get capital, get a loan to grow your business, get a city contract, and actually start increasing opportunities. But if they don’t have a way, they don’t know that there’s no way to get in touch with them on a regular basis, “said Ramiro Gonzales, president and CEO of the nonprofit Prosper West San Antonio. As a lead organization.


The involvement of the Aspen Institute also brings benefits.

“We create a community of practice between cities and ecosystems. We connect them to federal policy makers and, very importantly, they are diverse capital providers, or philanthropic businesses. , We will connect with people of private capital and make the work done at least at the local level publicly available nationwide, “said Executive Director Domenica Lynch. Of the Aspen Institute Latino & Society Program.

Companies interested in help can contact Prosper WestSan Antonio.

The initiative is aimed at Latin companies, but Gonzales said it is open to other companies on the West Side.

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West Side Latino Initiatives to help start your business

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