Washington Post columnist: Biden “politically fails” “needs to stop turning his wheels”

The Washington Post columnist, David Ignatius, had some harsh words to President Biden when his administration was hit by a series of setbacks that stalled his agenda.

“President Biden ran into a political wall this week in pushing for a voting bill, just as he tried to pass Joe Biden’s spending package last year,” Ignatius began a column on Thursday. .. “It’s time to ask yourself why Biden is in this swamp.”

Ignatius told readers that citing Republican Senator Mitch McConnell as “the destroyer of our national affairs” “sticks to my nails,” but to Biden. “He was right,” he said in his reply. A speech when he said the Democratic Party was elected on a mission to “bridge divided nations, cool temperatures, and dial down the air of constant crisis in our politics.”


Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. (AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite)

“Biden has failed that mission,” Ignatius wrote. “Republican sabotage is a big reason, but it’s not the only explanation. Biden is politically lost. He’s chasing the support of his party’s progressives, so he voted for a social spending package. Couldn’t create a version of the Voting Rights Act. He was able to pass by a vulnerable majority. He is spinning his wheels. “

President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden.
(Ericley / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

An example of post-columnist Biden’s “loss of momentum” was the failure to pass a bill to improve US competitiveness in chip manufacturing and other technologies.

The bill received overwhelming support in the Senate, winning 68-32 votes, but “declined” in the House due to a rift between moderates and progressives.

“The bigger question for Biden is whether there is space left for bipartisan and reconciliation,” Ignatius wrote. “Political divisions have worsened over the past year, and Republicans led by McConnell have rejected almost all of his overtures. He had greater ambitions for social and political revitalization. I’m having a hard time passing a meaningful bill right now. “

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Ignatius quotes Republican obstruction as Biden’s “frustration is understandable,” and his administration is “a good caretaker” among lower unemployment rates, reducing child poverty, and deploying vaccinations. There was. ”

The Washington Post.

The Washington Post.
(ERIC BARADAT / AFP via Getty Images)

“Biden did not achieve unity of the country, but he succeeded in many other things,” Ignatius wrote. “But a successful presidency gives us a sense of political momentum from success to success. Sadly, President Biden has lost much of that progress. Now is the time to reduce screams and trade Biden. It’s time to raise Mark’s common sense and resume. ”

Washington Post columnist: Biden “politically fails” “needs to stop turning his wheels”

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