Was there an initial dose of COVID-19 vaccine in San Antonio? The second dose is as follows.

San Antonio – The COVID-19 vaccine may have been pushed at a rapid pace for approval, but the process of actually obtaining the vaccine has been a difficult path for many who wish to receive it.

Even some people who were already lucky enough to take their first dose still feel that the process is confusing.

In Texas, people in the Phase 1A and Phase 1B categories can get the vaccine if it is available.

So far, four major public vaccine distribution sites have been announced: Alamodome, Welmed Elvirasis Neros Senior Community Center on the South, Alicia Trevinolopez Senior Community Center on the West, and the University Health Site of Wonderland of Americas. .. HEB has launched a registration portal on its website for those who are considering vaccination with COVID-19, but the pharmacies are still waiting for additional vaccinations, so locally available slots are available. There is none.

Phase 1A includes front-line healthcare professionals and long-term care facility residents, and Phase 1B includes people over the age of 65 or people over the age of 18 with chronic medical conditions at high risk of serious illness due to COVID. It is included. 19.

One of the most frequently asked questions from KSAT viewers on our website over the last few weeks is “How do you schedule a second vaccination?”

We asked the largest vaccine distributor in San Antonio for an answer.

The protocol varies slightly depending on when the vaccine was first given from the alamodome site.

If you have been vaccinated after January 13th, or if you plan to be vaccinated with Alamodome in the future, your appointment for a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine should still be taken after your first vaccination. Scheduled while in. -point.

If you were vaccinated before January 13, Metro Health will call you to schedule a second vaccination. If you cannot answer the call from Metro Health and need to schedule a second dose, call 311 and select option 8 or email COVID-19 @ sanantonio.gov. Please give me.

WellMed representatives confirmed with KSAT that a second appointment was scheduled for the day the patient received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The second dose will be given at the same location 28 days later.

The patient will be given a dated card and if they provide an email or phone number, a reminder will be sent by email or text message.

University health officials said a second dose was planned while the patient was scheduled to receive the first COVID-19 vaccine.

Patients will be provided with information in print and a separate booking card. If a college health patient loses information that indicates the exact appointment time, he or she can return at any time on the scheduled second appointment date.

However, university health officials wanted to emphasize that only those scheduled for the first or second vaccination should appear in the Wonderland of Americas. No one else will be vaccinated there.

If you receive your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine from a HEB pharmacy before the online scheduler tool is available, your pharmacy team will contact you with details on how to schedule a second dose.

HEB currently has an online scheduler, and those who use that tool to schedule will automatically schedule a second dose after receiving the first dose. However, HE = B does not currently have a vaccine dose available in the San Antonio region. Grocery officials have applied for more vaccines and said the online scheduler tool will become active when those doses become available.

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Was there an initial dose of COVID-19 vaccine in San Antonio? The second dose is as follows.

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