Walter Orkevic-Jack Renault of “Twin Peaks”-died at age 72

One of Walter Orkevic’s most memorable roles was in the episode “Seinfeld” as Kramer’s Cableman.

According to reports, Walter Orkevic, the best-known actor in his roles in “Grace Under Fire,” “Twin Peaks,” and “Seinfeld,” has died. He was 72 years old.

USA TODAY reported that Orkewitz died of a long illness at his home near Los Angeles on Tuesday.

“He was a good man who pushed his love of creativity and art into everything he did,” his son Zack told his father USA TODAY.

Olkewicz was born on May 14, 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey. His career began in the 1976 science fiction movie “Futureworld.”

His roles include bartender Jack Renault at “Twin Peaks”, oil refinery Doggy Baudrow at “Grace Under Fire”, and the 1996 “Seinfeld” episode. It included a memorable guest role as Nick of The Cable Guy. Other roles included Tiny McGee from “Who’s The Boss?”. Walter Prim of “Night Court”.

With the exception of these and a few others, Orkewitz is primarily a character actor and has made guest appearances on several television shows and films.

The Hollywood Reporter said Orkewitz has survived with his son Zack, daughter-in-law, Katrina Renels, and grandchildren Sadie and Declan Robert.

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Walter Orkevic-Jack Renault of “Twin Peaks”-died at age 72

Source link Walter Orkevic-Jack Renault of “Twin Peaks”-died at age 72

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