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No one wants to watch an unstable and erratic video unless you volunteer for a headache. An easy solution is Feiyu Tech’s new AK2000C handheld gimbal for professional or novice videographers.

If you’re new to gimbals, this is a device that connects to your camera or smartphone. It provides additional stabilization to eliminate jerky video. In a nutshell, gimbals are anti-vibration tools that help stabilize and smooth your video when in motion. You can tilt, pan, run, walk, and move in a 360-degree circle. Anything you choose to use a gimbal will help. Even with the stabilizers built into many cameras, the gimbal results are second to none.

They are not new, but gimbals are becoming more popular and in some cases you need to smooth out intentional and unintentional camera movements.

With the FeiyuTech AK2000C, you can get an electric 3-axis stabilized handheld gimbal. It’s ready to use and affordable. A quick search for “Gimbal Stabilizers for DSLR Cameras” on Amazon will find hundreds of choices, including those over $ 5,000, making the $ 299 AK2000C even more attractive.

A major feature that distinguishes the difference between gimbals is how much weight they can support. The AK2000C can be used up to £ 5. It includes a camera, lens and other accessories, making it ideal for most mirrorless camera setups.

The 2.5-pound AK2000C gimbal is nicely constructed with aerospace aluminum alloy and handles in customized colors (carbon fiber texture, navy camouflage, or rosewood pattern). The legs of the tripod can be attached to the bottom and folded, and when folded, it can be used as a monopod.

Built with a 3-axis motor lock and quick release plate, it attaches securely to the camera’s bottom tripod screw. The 3-inch OLED touch screen is an easy-to-use control center without an app for instant mode switching. It has a rechargeable battery inside and is suitable for use for about 7 hours.

Usage is simple. Once the camera is installed and balanced, turn on both and hold at any angle. The camera stays level and follows the flow. Use it at eye level, lift it high and use it at ground level, or turn it on yourself for Vlog selfies.

I did my best to test run up and down the street and miss it to create unwanted and jerky movements, but it wasn’t. Running off the ground next to the dog’s walk was more than fun. It was also smooth to sit on a lawn chair and go around my neighbor.

No matter what I chose, it worked perfectly.


Video Game Recommendations for Passing Any Time | Entertainment

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