Victoria in Australia hits for 3 weeks without virus

Melbourne – Australia’s once-hit Victorian state spent three weeks without new COVID-19 cases for the first time since February.

Two just active cases of coronavirus remain throughout Victoria, according to figures released by the Department of Health on Friday.

Also, after other Australian states closed their borders with Victoria, the states decided to close their borders with neighboring South Australia.

Victoria has experienced a long-term outbreak of the virus, with the city of Melbourne blocked, curfew imposed, family gatherings banned, and prolonged travel outside the city.

907 coronaviruses have died in Australia, while 819 have died in Victoria.

The milestone on Friday began with Victoria establishing a “hard border” with South Australia. This allows only emergency or medical cases and truck drivers carrying cargo to pass. This is the first time Victoria has closed its borders to any state.

South Australia has entered the second day of Friday’s six-day blockade, avoiding its own potential new surge.

More than 20 cases were found in a series of infectious diseases in the northern suburbs of the capital Adelaide.

South Australia’s Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said the state learned from looking at Victoria and other parts of the world.

“COVID-19 is very difficult to eradicate once it has a foothold in the community,” Marshall said. “Therefore, we need this breathing space for this circuit breaker, contact tracing blitz.”

In other developments in the Asia Pacific region:

— The total number of coronavirus cases in India since the pandemic began has exceeded 9 million. Nevertheless, the country’s new daily cases have been steadily declining in recent weeks. The Ministry of Health reported 45,882 new infections and 584 deaths in the last 24 hours on Friday. The death toll has exceeded 132,000 since the pandemic began. Authorities in the capital, New Delhi, are fighting to thwart about 7,500 new incidents per day, ensuring that the slumping economy will not overthrow again.

— The South Korean Prime Minister urged the public to avoid social gatherings and stay at home as much as possible as the country registered more than 300 new virus cases for the third consecutive day. Korea Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that 363 cases reported in the last 24 hours have killed 501 people since the pandemic began, reaching 30,017 nationwide. South Korea’s case roads are steadily increasing after relaxing physical distance rules last month. On Friday, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyu urged people to minimize year-end parties and rallies and called on companies to allow employees to work from home. On Thursday, local governments strengthened distance guidelines in the metropolitan area, cities in southern Gwangju, and parts of eastern Gangwon-do.

— Hong Kong has suspended face-to-face lessons for lower grade students after the city’s Supreme Health Authority said the city’s coronavirus situation was rapidly deteriorating. Classes for 1 to 3 elementary school students will be suspended for 2 weeks from Monday. Following the outbreak of upper respiratory tract infections, the outage begins more than a week after the kindergarten is ordered to close. Hong Kong confirmed 26 new coronavirus infections on Friday. Twenty-one of them are local cases. Health Minister Sophia Chan said, “The situation in Hong Kong is currently harsh and I would like to call on people to stop all unnecessary rallying activities.”

— Authorities in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin closed hospitals, housing estates and kindergartens after the city discovered four new local cases of coronavirus on Friday. Three of the confirmed cases were a set of parents and their son. The fourth was an individual who worked in the same housing complex. On Tuesday, the city found a case of COVID-19 in the same housing complex, resulting in a total of five confirmed cases. China does not count asymptomatic patients as confirmed cases. Health officials said they had blocked the entire residential area and classified the area as high risk. They also closed the hospital where one of the patients went for his diagnosis and the kindergarten where one of the patients’ granddaughters attended. Kindergarten parents and teachers are isolated at home.

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Victoria in Australia hits for 3 weeks without virus

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