Victims of crocodile attacks during Hurricane Aida identified

Slidell, Louisiana – The body found in the crocodile’s stomach has been clearly identified as the body of a man who was attacked and killed in the floods of Hurricane Ida.

Dr. Coroner Charles Preston of the Parish of St. Tammany said in a news release Thursday that the body belonged to Timothy Sataly Sr., 71, who had been missing since the August 30 attack near Slidell’s home. Two weeks later, authorities captured a 12-foot (3.65-meter), 500-pound (225-kilogram) crocodile believed to be the cause of the attack. Upon euthanasia, the contents of the crocodile’s stomach revealed a human body.

Using advanced DNA technology, Preston staff were able to perform an 11-point DNA match with Satari’s children.

β€œFor legal purposes, a 16-point match is a common standard,” Preston said. “In this case, given the situation, I’m happy to see that these are the remains of Mr. Sataly in the 11-point match.”

Preston also cataloged hair and other samples from Sataly’s home, saying he would attempt a complete DNA match.


“We sympathize as Mr. Sataly’s family continues to deal with this tragic loss,” he said.

When Ida landed on August 29, it caused widespread flooding in parts of southern Louisiana, knocking out electricity and telephone services. Lake Pontchartrain.

Officials said Sataly’s wife heard the splash and went out of the house to see the crocodile attacking her husband. She managed to take her seriously injured husband to the stairs of the house.

She used a small boat to reach the hills for help. But when she and lawmakers returned home, Sataly was gone.

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Victims of crocodile attacks during Hurricane Aida identified

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