Vice President Kamala Harris meets with Guatemalan leaders to discuss immigration

Guatemala City – Monday Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the need to restore the hopes of residents of the Northern Triangle countries to address the rise in immigrants from the region. Immigrants from those countries to the United States ..

Her comment was made Monday morning at the beginning of a bilateral meeting with President Alejandro Jamatti of Guatemala. She will deal with everything from vaccine sharing to community corruption. However, in her opening remarks, she emphasized that the two leaders need to act to improve the local situation of Guatemalans who do not want to leave their homeland but are forced by poor living conditions.

“Hope must be tied to relationships and trust, not to exist in itself, and to convince people that there is reason to have hope in their future and in the future. When it comes to doing as a leader, it must be tied to concrete results. Their children, “she said.


Harris also said that her choice of Guatemala and Mexico for her first trip abroad “reflects the priorities that President Biden has imposed on the region.” She said the two countries were “interrelated and interdependent” and that “it is in our collective interest to work together.”

Their meeting took place when the Biden administration was planning to announce new anti-trafficking and smuggling measures and hoped to announce new anti-corruption measures on Monday as well. It has been published. Harris is visiting Guatemala and Mexico as part of his diplomatic role in dealing with illegal immigrants to the United States and will meet with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday.

In Guatemala, the prevalence of corruption in Guatemala will cast a shadow over the debate, even though Harris is seeking a new agreement with Jamatti to stop the surge in immigrants.


Prior to Harris’ visit, NGOs listed the prevalence of corruption in Guatemala at the top of their concerns. Last month, two lawyers who frankly criticized the Jamatti administration were arrested on suspicion of making up to silence them.

The election of the Supreme Court judge of the Constitutional Court in Guatemala has fallen into allegations of influence and corruption. Giammattei chose his Chief of Staff to fill one of the five vacant seats. When Gloria Porus, a respected opposition to corruption, was elected for the second term, a parliament dominated by Jamatti’s party refused to sit down.

“Corruption is actually depleting the wealth of every country and is large enough to make up a large proportion of the region’s GDP in Central America,” said Ricardo Zniga, who attended a meeting with Jean Mattei with Harris. Told. “We consider corruption to be one of the most important root causes to deal with.”


In addition to meeting with Jamatti on Monday morning, Harris will attend a roundtable meeting with Guatemalan community and civil society leaders to meet young innovators and entrepreneurs, including many female entrepreneurs.

In addressing the root causes of migration, Harris has taken an approach focused on creating better opportunities and living conditions in the region through humanitarian and financial assistance. Her aides admit that efforts to improve the situation in the region cannot be accomplished by the government alone, she says.

Harris has announced plans to send $ 310 million to support refugees and address food shortages, and recently invested in the Northern Triangle to promote economic opportunities and vocational training from 12 companies and organizations. I promised to do it.


Washington won a favor last week through vaccine diplomacy. Both Giammattei and López Obrador received a call from Harris on Thursday, stating that the United States would send 500,000 COVID-19 vaccines and one million COVID-19 vaccines, respectively.

However, Harris’ aides say that corruption will continue to be central to the bilateral talks between Jamatti and Lopez Obrador.

While in Latin America, Harris also needs to navigate immigrant politics. Republicans have criticized both President Joe Biden and President Harris for deciding not to visit the U.S.-Mexico border, ignoring their claim that the administration is in crisis at the Mexico border. Claims. April was the second-highest month in the record of unaccompanied children encountered at the border, following a record high in March. The total number of border guard encounters in April increased by 3% from March, the highest level since April 2000.


Conservatives are closely watching Harris for any mistakes and want to drag her into further controversy over the issue of seeing her as a political winner.


Associated Press writers Christopher Sherman of Mexico City, Sonia Perez D of Guatemala City, and Zeke Miller of Washington contributed to this report.

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Vice President Kamala Harris meets with Guatemalan leaders to discuss immigration

Source link Vice President Kamala Harris meets with Guatemalan leaders to discuss immigration

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