Vatican financial crime charges are due to lack of experience

Rome – European evaluators said Wednesday the false belief that Vatican financial crime investigation and prosecution efforts not only suffer from understaffed and inexperienced, but also that their cardinals and bishops are unaffected by criminal activity. Warned that he was suffering from.

The Council of Europe’s Monetary Commission has issued a long report on the adherence to the Holy See to international norms for fighting money laundering and terrorist financing. Overall, the evaluator is good for the Holy See, recognizing that it complies with most standards, has taken steps to improve the law, and has achieved an effective level of international cooperation. Gave a rating.

But evaluators complained that Vatican prosecutors have tried only a handful of money laundering cases in the last decade. They show that the long time leading up to both prosecution and conviction is only a “modest” function of the judicial system, and the decisions handed down so far are very “minimal.” He warned that it would not be a deterrent.


And most critically, the report strongly condemned the papal employees for ignoring the possibility of misusing offices and the Vatican’s financial system for their own personal gain. They may complete the assessment process until the Vatican undertakes a “comprehensive assessment” of the risks posed by insiders and strengthens its own supervision of staff to detect potential crimes. He said he couldn’t.

The report was issued during a two-year criminal investigation into a London real estate transaction invested € 350 million ($ 425 million) by the Vatican City Secretariat. This is to escape the Holy See with a fee of tens of millions of euros.

No indictment has been filed. The investigation revealed that senior State Department officials and Pope Francis himself recognized and approved the transaction, but it is not known to date that it is under investigation.

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Vatican financial crime charges are due to lack of experience

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