Varieties require full Covid vaccination for indoor activities

Anjali Sundararaman, a student nurse at San Francisco State University, will give Cuixia Xu the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, February 2, at a vaccination clinic at the Southeast Health Center in the Bayview Hunters Point district of San Francisco, California. August 8, 2021.

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San Francisco became the first major US city to require patrons and employees to provide complete vaccination evidence to enter restaurants, gyms, bars and entertainment venues.

The order from the Mayor of London Breed will come into effect on August 20 for customers and October 13 for staff, prohibiting residents from submitting negative Covid test results in lieu of vaccination. Bleed directives also apply to some healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, dentists, and home care assistants.

“Vaccines are the way out of the pandemic and back to a safer life together,” Breed said in a statement.

Under the order, persons over the age of 12 are required to submit a vaccination certificate to attend an indoor event attended by more than 1,000 guests. According to Bleed’s statement, California had previously only required participants to be vaccinated for more than 5,000 events.

Bleed said the order completely excludes individuals under the age of 12 who remain unqualified for all current Covid vaccines. Customers who receive food instead of eating in-store do not need to be vaccinated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, San Francisco County recorded a total of 1,708 new coronavirus cases in seven days as of Tuesday. This is a decrease of less than 3% from the previous week. However, California reported a 7-day average of over 12,000 new cases as of Wednesday. This is a 24% increase from a week ago, measured by Johns Hopkins University.

San Francisco has joined New York City as the two largest municipalities in the country with vaccine obligations for selected indoor activities. The City of New York must provide proof that customers and staff have been vaccinated at least once for exercise, dining in restaurants, and access to internal entertainment options on September 13th. Enforcement of obligations will begin.

San Francisco has previously worked with six other Northern California counties to require face coverings in public indoor areas on August 2, upgrading its first mask recommendations in July.

Some Bay Area-based companies have ordered all or part of their staff, such as Google, Facebook, and Gap, to immunize against the coronavirus. As delta variants continue to proliferate, at least 12 major employers across the country have enacted similar guidance.

Varieties require full Covid vaccination for indoor activities

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