Varientes Vera’s official corruption trial pushed in January 2022

San Antonio – Former police officer Michel Valientes Vera’s public corruption trial was postponed to late January 2022, Bexer County Court officials confirmed Friday.

Barrientes Vela and her former Precinct 2 captain Marc D. Garcia’s trial was scheduled to begin on Monday, but was postponed again due to an ongoing trial in the 226th District Court.

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Faced with multiple counts of felony charges of falsification of evidence and official crackdown, Varientes Vera has not been detained almost two years after she and Garcia were charged by a grand jury in Bexar County.


Barrientes Vela’s most serious alleged felony perjury was dismissed by prosecutors earlier this year.

Garcia still faces a felony of perjury and multiple counts of official crackdowns in a felony jury.

Garcia will probably be tried after Varientes Vera.

Their criminal case was the failure of the former judge’s refusal of himself, the restrictions of the COVID-19 court, and the failure of the Varientes Bella defense team to remove the district attorney from the former police officer’s prosecution earlier this year. It was postponed due to multiple factors, such as.

Another person claims a shakedown at Rodriguez Park as the official corruption trial of Varientes Vera approaches


Barrientes Vela retired in 2019 before the end of the first semester.

In June 2019, Varientes Vera deliberately changed the security cash log after the indictment was accused of shaking San Antonio’s family for hundreds of dollars during a rally at Rodriguez Park in Easter 2019. Claims.

Both she and Garcia are faced with official crackdowns on their alleged treatment and harassment against two second district agents.

Earlier this year, county officials settled multiple proceedings filed by the two agents for $ 347,000.

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Varientes Vera’s official corruption trial pushed in January 2022

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