“Vaccine passport” causes controversy and division

There is growing debate about “vaccine passports” — you COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) vaccine. Some companies and even cruise ships demand them, but there is growing opposition over privacy and other concerns.

Greg Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of the Health Innovation Alliance, introduced to CBS News a list of passport initiatives outlined by the federal government in a presentation obtained by The Washington Post. According to the plan, at least 17 companies and organizations are developing passport apps. Whether they can be legally required is an open question.

Israel has been demanding them for months, and the UK is considering the same. In the United States, only New York has a voluntary passport option.

Norwegian Cruise Line hopes that requiring all crew and guests to be vaccinated will be a ticket to resume voyages from US ports this summer. Frank del Rio, CEO of the company, believes that the risk of an outbreak at sea can be eliminated.

“It’s a pandemic, it’s a crisis, and it’s hard to please 100% of people in 100% of the time, if not impossible,” Del Rio said.

But the White House and some Governor Hesitating about vaccine passports because of concerns about privacy and civil liberties. “I don’t want to create a second class of citizens based on whether someone has been vaccinated,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Craig Klugman, a professor of bioethics at DePaul University, says that since 1969, vaccination cards for certain countries have been required. The best health we can do for our community? “Cragman said.

There are also concerns about fairness. Digital vaccine passports are limited to smartphone owners and may exclude communities with low access to vaccines.

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“Vaccine passport” causes controversy and division

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