Vacation destinations literally help travelers unplug

Arielle and Jeff Dufour have tried something a little different on their recent vacation. They checked in to Miraval Berkshires so they could disconnect from the device and reconnect to themselves and each other. Miraval is a device-free accommodation where guests must push their mobile phone into a small bed or leave it in airplane mode or silent.

“It was a good time to escape before the second child was born. It’s like blocking all the stress and digital anxiety of real life,” said Arielle Dufour.

“Why do you think it’s important to stay away from that digital connection?” Asked Dana Jacobson, co-host of “CBS This Morning Saturday.”

“Especially for our relationship with us because I’m watching the phone, replying to work emails, or doing the same, even when my son is with me at night after going to bed. I think it’s important. “Jeff Dufour said.” So we may be together, but we don’t always talk, communicate, or actually be together. There is none.”

“It was like we were together every night, but it feels like we had more conversations than usual last night,” Ariel added.

The couple stayed at Mirabal Berkshires. Stimulate your senses at the $ 1,000 all-inclusive resort. phone To sleep. Jen Leahy is an Animal Connection Specialist at Berkshire Properties. The horse program, in which guests take care of rescue horses, provides the opportunity to “inspire creativity, clarify communication and release fear.”

“My job is to provide guests with the opportunity to experience the world beyond humans first-hand here in Mirabal Berkshire,” said Lee Hee. She helped Jeff Dufour meet an owl named Jules. Given that he was afraid of birds, it was an unpleasant achievement.

“Animal is a great teacher, they live now, and they ask us to join them there,” Lehi said. “And if we want to explore it, learn from them, and be part of it, we need to be there ourselves.”

When asked if he needed to unplug now compared to before the pandemic, Lee Hee said “absolutely.”

She says human level Disconnection and quarantine Many of us have experienced and made a big impact in the past year.

“Animals not only provide us with this opportunity to connect with them, but by being with them it is the gateway to ourselves,” said Lee Hee.

Mirabal’s three properties help guests who have the means to find more balance in their lives through careful activities.

Simon Marxer, Group Director of Spa & Wellbeing in Mirabal Berkshire, said:

“Well-being is the feeling of being completely alive, being honest with ourselves, feeling all the joys and challenges we all face today, and feeling comfortable and able to deal with them. “I will.” “No one intends to stop stress. It’s the way we manage stress. Ideally, we’re trying to support people’s behavior by paying attention to their surroundings and the beauty of their surroundings. I think it’s about teaching you to discover. “

The Miraval experience can be expensive, but Marxer says he is looking for ways to make happiness accessible to everyone, especially in the face of growing demand.

“Introducing the Digital Mindfulness Video Series to help you pursue your mindfulness when you can’t come to Mirabal, or before or after your stay,” he said.

For many Americans, dealing with the pandemic was difficult. The vast majority of adults employed in the United States work remotely, so some feel that they are living at work rather than at home.

“Suddenly, work is every part of your life. You sleep in your work. You have to be more and more intentional about what I want to leave.” Dylan Turus said. He is the co-founder of Atlas Obscura, a company that curates unique experiences like New York City’s “pocket parks” and catalogs hidden wonders.

“People are certainly traveling again, but it’s mostly domestic. People don’t want to go back to what they were always doing,” Thuras said. “I don’t think everyone is very excited to return to the large crowd of 50,000 people in Venice during the high season. That’s not what people want. They’re a little more natural, I’m looking for something a little further away. Away from the beaten road and probably closer to my house. “

“You can spend a fortune to escape, but you don’t have to get what you want from your vacation,” Jacobson said.

“Yes,” said Thuras. “One of Atlas Obscura’s ideas is not to travel distances, fly, or stamp your passport. Willing to accept the trust that you can find great things wherever you are. is.”

Everywhere, in the middle of everywhere, it’s what John Staff’s company Getaway is betting on.

“Staying at Getaway means having more free time and more balance in your life. Therefore, there is no Wi-Fi or TV. We do nothing to you. I keep in mind, “said the staff.

Getaway operates small cabins in remote areas across the country. For about $ 120 a night, you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“Everyone needs to have natural access. It’s important that we all take the time out of our daily lives to sit, think, think, and be with our loved ones. That’s a lot of people. I hope it will be an escape for you, “he said.

This is the feeling Dufour agreed to during his stay in Mirabal Berkshire. “This time we’ll remind you that we’re away from reality together. That’s okay. We deserve it. We need it to be back to the best parents and people we can. That’s what Ariel Dufour said. ..

Vacation destinations literally help travelers unplug

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