Utah lawmakers are approving new media restrictions on floor coverings

The Utah House of Representatives passed new rules on Tuesday that restrict journalists from filming and interviewing lawmakers, following similar actions taken by the Utah Senate two weeks ago.

The rules extend the limits of the pandemic on when journalists can cover the floors of the state legislature.

Journalists covering the Utah Legislature must now apply for permission to interview lawmakers on the floor of the House of Representatives and in other restricted areas. Television reporters must ask committee chairmen for permission to film a speaker and the crowd behind the podium where MPs sit in committee meetings.

“I know sometimes committee members get a little stressed out by the cameras right behind them because they can see their screens,” Republican Rep. Timothy Hawkes said Monday during a committee hearing on the move.

State House media outlets and journalists opposed the rule of law in the Utah House and the Senate, arguing that restricting media movements would make it harder to cover rapid action and make it easier for lawmakers to avoid the media. They said the operation had reduced transparency – a statement that MPs denied.

Renait Cowley Laub, a lobbyist for the Utah Media Coalition, on Monday presented another option and told lawmakers that acclaimed journalists are working to establish a formal media force that could work with lawmakers to mutually improve the rules.

She suggested setting up a committee of two journalists and nominees from the House of Representatives, the Senate and the state legislature to govern newspaper rules, similar to those used in Utah courthouses.

“As you can see by doing simple math, the committee would already be loaded in favor of the government. But it gives the media and journalists the opportunity to be part of some of the decisions that are made about their implementation and their. Profession,” he said. she.

Outside of the Republican-led State House in Utah, similar restrictions have been passed in Iowa and Kansas.

The new boundaries come in the context of growing attacks on the media, as well as new restrictions on journalists covering protests and trials.

They also occur when US states and cities release restrictions on coronary heart disease that have left restaurants, sporting events and offices capable of a pandemic.

Utah lawmakers are approving new media restrictions on floor coverings

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