Utah Gobert Wins Third Defensive Player Award

Utah’s Rudy Gobert won the Utah Jazz NBA Defensive Player Award for the third time on Wednesday after contributing to the Utah Jazz NBA record.

Gobert recorded the most block shots and defensive rebounds in the league this season, making him the fourth player to win at least three times.

The night after the shot that closed the match in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals was blocked, Gobert received 84 first place votes and 464 points from a global panel of 100 sports writers and broadcasters.

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Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons was second with 15 and 287 votes, and Golden State’s Draymond Green was third with 76 points.

Gobert won the 2018 and 2019 Defensive Player Awards. Dikembe Mutombo and Ben Wallace won four times each, and Dwight Howard won three times.

With Gobert in the middle, jazz was 52-20, and for the first time won the first overall seed. They limit the team to 44.7% shots, the second lowest in the league.

Miami’s Bam Adebayo took first place and finished fourth. Janis Adetokumpo finished the top five.

Adetokumbo put an end to Gobert’s reign with disappointing results for French-born Gobert last year. He blew a 3-1 lead in the first round with Denver.

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However, jazz continued to do well this season, when Gobert blocked Marcus Morris’s three-point attempt to maintain a 112-109 victory in the second round against the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday. I took one.

Gobert’s third Defensive Player Award broke the team record with Mark Eaton, who died last month at the age of 64.

He averaged 14.3 points and 13.5 rebounds in 71 games, scoring a career high. His number of blocks per game was 2.7, ranking second in the league.

Utah Gobert Wins Third Defensive Player Award

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