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New York-UN Humanitarian Aid Officers have dramatically impacted aid imports and already large-scale desperate countries if Washington’s new terrorist designation of the Houthi rebels in Yemen is not revoked. It warns that it could lead to famine.

“The most urgent priority now in Yemen is to prevent large-scale famines,” said Mark Lowcock on Thursday, according to a prepared statement made available before his briefing. Talk to the board meeting.

According to UN data, 16 million people will starve in a war-torn country this year. An additional 50,000 are already in a famine situation, with 5 million just behind them.

“Every decision the world makes now must take this into account,” Locock warns.

Late Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo designated Iran-backed rebel groups as “foreign terrorist organizations” or FTOs for acts such as “civilians, cross-border attacks that threaten infrastructure.” Announced a plan to take responsibility. And commercial delivery. “


Pompeo said the designation, which will come into effect on January 19, the final day of the Trump administration, will “achieve a peaceful and sovereign unified Yemen without Iran’s intervention and with both peace with neighboring countries. The aim is to make efforts to achieve this. ” .. “

Yemen imports 90% of its food and almost all is imported through commercial channels. Suppliers, bankers, shippers, etc. who are afraid to violate US regulations may stop doing business with Yemeni importers. The United Nations states that aid agencies cannot replace the commercial import system.

Food prices, which are already soaring beyond most people’s means, can be even higher if the supply chain collapses. Yemen has begun to stockpile staples, fearing that imports will stop.

Pompeo said in a statement on Sunday that Washington is ready to take steps to reduce its impact on “specific humanitarian activities and imports” and is ready to work with the United Nations and NGOs to address that impact. Said.

However, the United Nations and its partners do not import most food. They also state that in just a few days before the designation comes into force, details about how the license or exemption works and who or what qualifies have not yet been confirmed.

UN Lowcock does not question the intention of the FTO’s designation, but calls for a reversal and warns that it could result in “a large-scale famine that has not been seen for nearly 40 years.”

Some analysts say the upcoming Biden administration may not be able to easily revoke the designation if necessary.

“The decision will tie up the next administration because it needs to try to overturn it. This is not an easy task, or justify Congress why it wants to deal with the Houthi despite its designation. “Nabile Holi said. A senior researcher at the Atlantic Council think tank said following the US announcement.

“Furthermore, this decision has fallen into the hands of hardliners within the Houthi organization, making it difficult for their leadership to participate in peace talks,” he said.

More than five years of war between Saudi-backed President Abdu Rab Mansour Hadi and Iran-backed Houthi rebels have endangered the poorest countries in the Middle East.

United Nations urges U.S. to revoke Fusitello designation | Voice of America

Source link United Nations urges U.S. to revoke Fusitello designation | Voice of America

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