United Airlines fined US $ 1.9 million for tarmac delays

File Photo: United Airlines passenger plane will take off on December 6, 2019 at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey, USA, against the backdrop of New York City.Reuters / Chris Hell Glen / File Photo

September 24, 2021

David Shepherdson

Washington (Reuters)-United Airlines has been fined $ 1.9 million by the US Department of Transportation for violating federal regulations on long-term tarmac delays and has been ordered to stop similar violations in the future.

Between December and February 2015, United allowed passengers to leave 25 flights on the tarmac for extended periods of time, according to the agency, without allowing passengers to leave the plane.

“We promise to fully meet all DOT rules and will continue to identify and implement improvements in the way we manage difficult operating conditions,” United said Friday.

The ministry said this was the highest fine of its kind ever imposed, affecting a total of 3,218 passengers. The Biden administration has promised to take a strict policy on airline consumer behavior.

“Of the approximately 8 million flights operated by United, only 25 will eventually be operated,” United said, and its partners have guaranteed “compulsory measures” for over five years.

Airlines are generally not allowed to park their planes for more than 3 hours on domestic flights and more than 4 hours on international flights without providing passengers with the opportunity to disembark.

United has to pay a fine of $ 950,000, but United has been paid $ 750,000 to compensate the affected passengers.

The Department of Transportation said the $ 200,000 valued penalty was “a detour that would improve overall situational awareness of the system-wide detour of United’s Network Operations Center and allow United to avoid airport supersaturation with detours. He said he would be credited to United to develop a “management tool”.

“We believe there is also a tension between the rules and operational decisions to arrange flights to take advantage of the opportunity for passengers to reach their final destination,” said United Airlines.

United added that it has made significant improvements and investments in managing conversions since 2015.

(Report by David Shepardson, edited by Diane Craft)

United Airlines fined US $ 1.9 million for tarmac delays

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