Ukraine gives Biden “chance” to ‘reboot’ president during SOTU, according to media

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Chicago Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel has famously said he won’t let a serious problem end. Some journalists gave President Biden the same advice for his upcoming State of the Union speech on Tuesday, urging him to use Russia to attack Ukraine to his advantage.

New York Magazine’s Ed Kilgore cut short his article entitled, “Has Putin reinstated Biden’s presidency?”


Acknowledging that the United States saw the “problem” of the industry under Biden’s administration, the column said Putin’s invasion of Ukraine would help change history.

“[A]While there hasn’t been much of a global crisis in which U.S. military forces haven’t been involved in a major change in a president’s reputation, Putin’s war will give Biden a chance to change his mind. weak leadership, even if he makes good use of a state. “Union’s proposal will be carefully considered and discussed in the coming days,” he wrote.


Kilgore reiterated this belief that the war could “start over” President Biden.

“In the long run, the war (with its impact on oil markets and trade and investment opportunities around the world) could exacerbate the economic problems plaguing his industry. showing himself in the days to come, and even more so in the language of the state of the Union, to tell the story, “he said.

President Joe Biden will address the issue of debt consolidation during an event at the White House state dining hall Monday, Oct. 4 in Washington.
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Bloomberg correspondent Clive Crook had the same statement Monday, but he strongly criticized the president for alienating the lower electorate by allowing the left too many problems. . But he argued that Biden could regain American trust and “restore” his presidency if he “caught” the Ukraine crisis.

“No one wants it now for a reform, but the president will arrest him,” he wrote.

“The invasion of Ukraine not only gives Biden another chance to re -elect his presidency; it also requires a re -election,” Crook argued.

NYT said BIDEN ‘CALLS THE ARC OF HIS PRESIDENCE,’ gave a good review for keeping COVID, SCOTUS

Similar views were expressed in the Los Angeles Times by White House publisher Eli Stokols. He said there were not many internal problems like COVID or the economy that Biden could be considered a “winner” for his presidential speech to the nation. But he argued, “With broad bipartisan support for the U.S. rallying behind Ukraine in its war against Russia, the war is Biden’s best opportunity to get a strong push from both sides. of the House office. “

Stokols told CNN presidential correspondent Douglas Brinkley that evaluating Russia’s war in Ukraine gave Biden “some time.”

“Even so, the Russian war in Ukraine gave Biden some time, in Brinkley’s view, to convince the American people of the importance of a united transatlantic organization and the encouragement he had taken with him. allies to oppose Putin’s attack, ”Stokols wrote.

“It’s an important time to take the stage as a world leader to end government domination by building our armed forces. It’s time.

President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin
(By Nic Antaya/Getty Images | Kiʻi by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images | istock)

Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist, also received a message urging Biden to compete with Ukraine in his speech, adding that he needed to do more than his “domestic success. ”

“Biden needs another state of the Union. Instead of avoiding the remarkable domestic progress, with the other policies that were put back at the end of the speech, he needs to turn the tide and build “The United States has historically been leading the way in defending independence,” Rubin wrote.

But, according to the polls released last week, Americans are not happy with the president’s actions in difficult situations.

It’s new Fox News national election It found that only 31% of the electorate were satisfied with the way things were going. Not only is that a 45% drop from Biden’s 100-day presidential target (April 2021), but it’s the lowest number expected of that kind in a decade. October 2013 was the lowest of the last period, when 26%were happy.

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However, Rubin appreciates the events that are taking place now.

“Thanks to months of careful planning and diplomacy, President Biden has put together the best coalition and coalition since World War II to oppose the invasion of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We are allies to attack Ukraine. Russia has been caught in an unsuccessful war and has become a pariah state,” he wrote.

Rubin said, “This is the best response to the Russian anger from the Berlin Airlift. Biden needs to borrow.”

The Post columnist has often been ridiculed as a “sycophant” for Joe Biden.

Fox News’ Dana Blanton gave the show.

Ukraine gives Biden “chance” to ‘reboot’ president during SOTU, according to media

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