U.S. prisoners scheduled to be tested for virus positive

Washington – A federal prisoner scheduled to be executed a few days before President Joe Biden took office tested positive for the coronavirus, his lawyer said Thursday.

The prison bureau notified Dustin John Higgs’ attorney on Thursday that their clients had tested positive for the virus, his attorney Devon Porter said in a court hearing Thursday afternoon. ..

This revelation arises amid concerns about an explosive number of coronavirus cases in the federal prison system, especially in the Terre Haute complex in Indiana, where executions are taking place. It is the only federal death row cell.

The Higgs will be executed on January 15, just five days before the inauguration of Joe Biden, the opponent of the death penalty. The Higgs is the last to be executed now in a series of federal executions that began in July. The Trump administration will execute more people in a year than any other administration in more than 130 years.

Higgs lawyers have previously expressed concern about the possibility of a client becoming infected with the virus and causing complex health problems before it can be implemented.

As of Thursday, there were more than 300 inmates with confirmed cases of COVID-19 among FCC Terre Haute inmates.

Higgs was convicted in 1996 at the Federal Wildlife Center near Beltsville, Maryland, of killing three women, Tamika Black, Michelin, and Tanji Jackson. Prosecutors say that after Higgs was furious, one of the women refused to move forward at the party, and Higgs and two others kidnapped the woman.

Another Higgs lawyer, Sean Nolan, said his client did not kill anyone, and that there was an ineffective lawyer who was not worthy of the death penalty. Higgs’ co-defendant, who stated that the prosecutor had carried out the killing, was not sentenced to death.

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U.S. prisoners scheduled to be tested for virus positive

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