U.S. Football Federation Athletes Council Removes Members After Racist Speech | U.S.A.

The American Football Federation’s Athletes Council dismissed one of its members on Sunday the day after addressing the federation’s annual meeting against the abolition of kneeling policies.

Florida-born 38-year-old Seth Jean, who played for the U.S. sevens Paralympic team, opposes the abolition of what is known as Policy 604-1 in response to U.S. women’s team star Megan Rapinoe. Did. Kneeling in support of Colin Kaepernick.

The USSF Board resolved in June to abolish this policy. This is the decision of the Online Annual Meeting. Check saturday 71.34% voted in favor of the abolition.

“Especially given the athlete council I’m in, I’m going to make some wings ruffle in what I’m about to say, but everything offends everyone. Unquoted progressive cultural evolution Given that, those who are willing to accept our knees for the national anthem do not mind protecting half of our country, and when they do, I exercise my first amendment. I’m not very interested in doing that, “Jahn said before the vote. “We are here to get another perspective. I am also representative of Native Americans, who I am mixed race and arguably the most persecuted in the history of our country. I feel compelled to clarify that. “

Jahn claimed to cite FBI statistics, saying that “95% of deaths in the black community are due to another black man.”

“Only about 8% of the total population owned slaves, but I keep hearing how our country was founded behind slaves,” he said. “All races in human history have been enslaved at some point by different demographics. Blacks have been enslaved. Hispanics have been enslaved. Recently in our country in the 20th century. Asians were enslaved. Indigenous people were enslaved. Whites were enslaved. Shoot, I have lived in Africa for two and a half years, per capita, depending on age, health and physique. I was able to buy slaves for a price of $ 300 to $ 800.

“Where were social justice warriors and news journalists to ruminate these real atrocities? Still, in history, only one country has fought for abolition. In the United States, Nearly 400,000 men have died due to abolition under the same stars and bars as athletes kneel. Their sacrifices are contaminated on all knees that touch the ground. “

He wants athletes to kneel on their individual platforms, but suggested not doing so while representing the United States on the football field.

USSF Chairman Cindy PALRO Korn urged the abolition following Yarn.

“This is not about disrespecting the flag or disrespecting the military,” she said. “This concerns the rights of athletes and staff to peacefully protest racial inequality and police atrocities.”

Athletes Council Said in a statement Yarn “violated the Policy Section on Harassment Prohibitions. This is the protection of a person, including verbal acts used or implied in a manner that would offend a reasonable person by race. Prohibits racial or other harassment based on status .. The Athlete’s Council does not tolerate this type of language and determines that it is incompatible with the Council’s membership. The Council understands that each person has the right to his or her opinion, but there is a particular opinion that goes beyond the realm of what is appropriate or acceptable. “

“I want to be clear in the accusations of Mr. Yarn’s remarks yesterday,” the council said.

U.S. Football Federation Athletes Council Removes Members After Racist Speech | U.S.A.

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